ACT I Announces Cast List for the Upcoming Annie! Production

ACT I of Benton County is pleased to announce our cast for the upcoming production of Annie!  We look forward to five performances the weekend of September 8, 9, and 10!  Roles with a ______________ after are still open!  Contact us at

Looking forward to a wonderful show!

MAIN ORPHANS (Double Cast)



Annie:   Molly Haisman

Pepper:   Maya Lapan-Islas

Duffy:   Sophia Vasquez

July:   Carmen Henkle

Tessie:  Patience Kies

Kate:   Zoey Kriner

Molly:  Lily Collingwood




Annie: Raeganne Neilson

Pepper: Chloe Mossman

Duffy: Jazmyn Dods

July: April Cline

Tessie: Julia Johnson

Kate: Lily Miller

Molly:  Ellie Groom


ADULT CAST (in order of appearance)


Miss Hannigan: Shelley Haisman

Mr. Bundles: Greg Walston

Apple Seller: Debbie Cline

Assistant Dog Catcher: _____________

Dog Catcher: Casey Cooling

Stray Dog: Copper James Cooling

Sandy: Doc McClure (Samantha McClure trainer)


Sophie:  Holly Overturf

Eddie:  Chris Overturf



Alyssa Groom, Bonnie Beyer, Melody Spence, Emiy Overturf, Sue Gates, Amanda Waters, Presley Waters, Kristin Dods, Ciara Dods, Jared Cline, Mitch Mensen, Patti Gilbaugh, Alex Funk


Officer Ward: John Mossman

Radio Voice: Corey Cooling


Grace:   Kelly Henkle

Drake:   Mitch Mensen

Mrs. Greer:  Sherry Stout

Mrs. Pugh:  Lois Martin

Cecile: Monique Smith

Annette: Monica Funk

Servants:   Jared Cline, Chris Overturf

Daddy Warbucks: Nathan Groom

Star-To-Be:   Newelle Dalton

Rooster Hannigan: Alexander Vasquez

Lily St. Regis: Joan Cooling-Noeller


Bert Healey: Greg Walston

Masked Announcer: ______________

McCracken and Wacky: Steve Arnold

Sound Effects Man: Charley Cooling

Boylan Sisters: Brylee Bruce, Elsa Page, Charlee Steinke



Ickes: Chris Overturf

Perkins: Bonnie Beyer


Morgenthau: _______________

Franklin Delano Roosevelt: David Gates

Howe: ____________________


Justice Brandeis: Mark Mossman




Featured Orphans Opening Night 



Alana Fleming, Katelyn Fleming, Haylee Karr, Karsyn Nichol, Brynn Staab, Madalyn Staggs, Gracie Whelan



Brylee Bruce, Grace Gilbaugh, Darby Glynn, Emma McClure, Elsa Page, Kaelyn Pettyjohn, Elise Smith, Charlee Steinke






Featured Orphans Closing Night


McKenna Kingsbury, Sophie Mossman, Karsyn Nichol, Emersyn Svoboda, Mieke Ternus, Baylee Wheeler, Shai Williams




Emma Arnold, Chloe Cline, Cameron Dawson-Fink, Sophia Dilley, Darby Glynn, Sydnee Hansen, Ellery Johnson, Rebekah Lindauer, Faye Wade, Natalie Wade