Holiday Double Feature: A Very Hairy Christmas and 12 Angry Elves (2015)


The ACT 1 children’s Christmas presentation takes place this weekend in the Tilford Elementary Auditorium. The double feature includes a play called “A Very Hairy Christmas” which describes a series of mishaps involving Santa’s beard. The second show is called “12 Angry Elves,” and depicts a jury determining the guilt of an elf accused of stealing Mrs. Claus’s cookie recipe. The show takes place Dec. 4-7, at 7 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and 2 p.m. Sunday.


A Very Hairy Christmas

Mr. Kringle (Santa’s Brother): Jesse Ahrensten

Mrs. Kringle (Santa’s Sister-in-Law): Chloe Mossman

Clyde (Santa’s nephew): Parker Gammill

Santa: Damon Payton

Mrs: Claus: Kalie Burke

Sammy Claus: (Santa’s son): Brody Gammill

Sindy Claus: Hannah McGowan

Sandy Claus (Santa’s daughter): Addyson Ingham

Penny (Human Resource Director): Brynn Johnson

Olaf (Reindeer Wrangler): Carson Page

Taffy (Candy maker): Jacob Chase

Tonka (Toy Maker): Emily Overturf

Garland (Decorator): Samantha McClure

Atlas (Fitness Coach): Raymond Goad

Gertie (Knitter): Marjorie Davis

Sparkle (hairstylist): Alyssa Fuehrer

Dotty (hairstylist): Ellery Johnson

Sparky (Welder): Jacob Dudley

Buckly (elf who befriend’s Clyde): Jenna Pattee

Nyland (scientist): Ian Sallee

Eve (Santa’s assistant): Elsa Page

Kandy (elf in love with Clyde) Candence Redlinger

Joy (elf in love with Clyde) Lydia Albertsen

Bubbles(elf in love with Clyde) Isabell White

Twinkles (elf in love with Clyde) Josie Coots

Misha: (Sled-X employee) Mya Latan-Islas

Twelve Angry Elves:

Santa: Bryce Walker

Mrs. Santa: Brylee Bruce

Sprinkles (baker elf): Emma McClure

Sasha (elf who believes): Blake Soquet

Beau (decorator elf): Sadie Burke

Tinsel (decorator elf): Cassie Davis

Wordsworth: (Santa’s publicist): Logan Nissen

Carol (singing elf): Matti Thomsen

Peppermint (candy making elf): Emma Arnold

Ashley (Tree trimmer elf): Addy Chvala

Rex (Reindeer Herder): Hudson Sallee

Herbie (Dentist elf): Sage Holmes

Lacey (Doll Dresser elf): Gracie Whelan

Rosy (Teddy Bear Tester elf): Angela Ahrenstein

Clarence Arrow (lawyer): Brant Dickinson

Atticus Lark (lawyer): Blaze Soquet

Misty (weather reporter elf): Carleigh Wilson

Dani Daniels (cooking show celebrity) : Katherine Seitz

Tassie (head baker elf): Zoey Bresson

Jolly (security chief): Jazmyn Dods

Holly (assistant security) Mieke Ternus

Figgy (Judge’s Assistant): Gunnar Schminke

Snap (camera man): Alex Funk

Ebenezer (judge): Aiden Andersen

Benny (website owner) Will McKenna

Staff / Crew

Director: Halane Cummings