A Thurber Carnival (1983)


by James Thurber
Presented November 18, 19, 20, 1983
The Old Creamery Theatre, Garrison
Director: Steve Shaffer
Assistant Director: Theresa Juhl


The Wolf at the Door

Narrator: Kathie Calhoun
Daughter: Teresa Kueny
Mother: Anna Bess Rice
Father: Dan Campbell
Wolf: Marc Greenlee

The Seal Who Became Famous

Colleen Stufflebeam

The Unicorn in the Garden

Narrator: Meg Walker
Man: Ron Baldwin
She: Barb Burkey
Policeman: Orin Calhoun
Psychiatrist: Dick Paulus

If Grant Had Been Drinking at Appomattox

Narrator: Nancy Beckman
Grant: Marc Greenlee
Schultz: Brent Rolland
Lee: Marsh Berry

The Moth and the Star

Sally Ludden

Casuals of the Keys

Visitor: Bob LaGrange
Darke: Dan Campbell

Gentlemen Shoppers

Narrator: Elaine Olsen
Bar Girl: Anna Bess Rice
Salesgirl: Mary Prochaska
Westwater: Ron Baldwin
Anderson: Marsh Berry
Bailey: Marc Greenlee

The Last Flower

Meg Walker
Nancy Beckman

The Night the Bed Fell

Dick Paulus

The Little Girl and the Wolf

Narrator: Sally Ludden
Wolf: Orin Calhoun
Little Girl: Anne Fiedler

The Bear Who Let it Alone

Marc Greenlee

The Pet Department

Doctor: Brent Rolland
Miss Whitaker: Teresa Kueny

Mr. Preble Gets Rid of His Wife

Mr. Preble: Bob LaGrange
Miss Daley: Sally Ludden
Mrs. Preble: Anna Bess Rice

The Lion Who Wanted to Zoom

Kathie Calhoun

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Narrator: Colleen Stufflebeam
Walter Mitty: Marc Greenlee
Mrs. Mitty: Ann Fiedler
Young Man: Brent Rolland
Berg: Dick Paulus
Nurse: Dorothy Bliss
Renshaw: Orin Calhoun
Pritchard-Mitford: Marsh Berry
Remington: Dan Campbell
Benbow: Ron Baldwin
Leader: Bob LaGrange

Staff / Crew

Stage Manager: Deb Fowler
Props: Ann Fiedler, Kathie Calhoun, Meg Walker
Costumes: Elaine Olsen
Sound: Dean Beckman
Lights: Tony Olsen
House Manager: Linda Radcliffe
Publicity: Nancy Beckman, Teresa Kueny
Makeup: Sally Ludden
Sound Effects: Brent Rolland
Set Design: Jerry Bickel