American Hysterical (2003)


A Comical, Historical Revue

The Palace Theatre
July 11, 12, 13, 18, 19, 20, 2003

7:00 PM Fridays and Saturdays
2:00 PM Sundays

Marcy Horst and Mary Horst, Directors
Allen and Bonnie Lueckenotto, Set Construction
Gerald Horst, Technical Director
Darci Fuelling, Choreographer
Annie Horst, Clare Horst, April Ahrenholz, keyboard
Alex Martinez-Vasquez and Dave Horst, crew

Our summer theatre camp production by ACT I STAGE! gives a fresh look at American history from the fateful journey of Christopher Columbus to the heroes of modern day. American Hysterical is an original work of historical fiction. In the interest of maintaining a suitable play length and achieving some measure of originality and entertainment, liberties have been taken regarding actual dates and events depicted.

Additional funding for this production came from grants from the Louise Gilchrist Charitable Trust and the Vinton Community Foundation


by Scenes

Scene 1 Land Ho! 1492

Sailors: Clare Cooling, Rob Hanson, Ellie Horst, Emma Horst, *Annie Meyer, Maddie Springer, *Ben Stainbrook, Nicholas Stout, Gunner Tranel, *Ashton Vore, Trevor Walker, Matt Walston

Rodrigo: Nathan Horst

Bartholomew: Patrick Horst

Christopher Columbus: Jackson Tranel

Uncle Sam: *Jesse Bunge

Liberty Belle: Laura Van Steenhuyse

Scene 2 Peace Pipes & Potato Peels 1621

John Carve:r Aric Hanson

William Smith: Kolton Sellers

Chief Massosoit: Dakota Sellers

Myles Standish: *Luke Shafer

Pilgrim Women: Alyssa Hanson, *Haley Luther, Jane Martin, Mattie Walker

Indian Wives: *Ashley Kullmer, *Katie Kullmer, Kate Martin

Samoset: Max Nguyen

Running Bull: *Grant Sagan

Bright Star: Wesley Lyons

Gringo Starr: Nick Hyland/Evan Lueckenotto

Scene 3 You Can’t Tax That! 1773

Colonists Brittany Hamling, Abby Hilton, Clare Horst, Erin Horst, Kaitlin Karrick, Matt Meyer, Kordereau Sellers

Scene 4 Not A Minute to Spare 1775

Joseph Revere: Matt Walston

Paul Revere: Rob Hanson

Copper: (the dog)

Boat Men: Ben Stainbrook, Nicholas Stout

Lady with petticoat: Katie Hanson

Reverend: Andrew Schanbacher

Minutemen: Clare Cooling, Ellie Horst, Emma Horst, Annie Meyer, Maddie Springer, Gunner Tranel, Ashton Vore

Scene 5 Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness 1776

George Washington: Corey Cooling

Betsy Ross: Megan Horst

Baby Stars: *Cali Arbuckle, *Allison Canaday, *Elizabeth Fischer, *Lilly Gibson, Lily Horst, *Emily Howes-VonStein, *Bailey Lyons, Kylie Miracle, Kaia Monson, Sydney Monson, *Anna Sagan, Kacie Struve, *Courtney Summers

Scene 6 Land of Opportunity 1800s

Lady Liberty: Annie Horst

Jacob: Grant Sagan

Sarah: Alyssa Hanson

Pierre: Max Nguyen

Marie Claire: Brittney Werner

Luigi: Dakota Sellers

Hans Ben Hyland, Curtis Lueckenotto

Inga: Mattie Walker

Bridget: Emma Clingman

Katie: Rachel Monson

Maura: Jane Martin

Scene 7 Go West, Young Man 1800s

Meriwether Lewis: Patrick Horst

William Clark: Nathan Horst

Thomas Jefferson: Jackson Tranel

Soldier: *Clayton Ender

Indian Women: Ashley Kullmer, Katie Kullmer, Kate Martin

Charbonneau: Ben Hyland/Curtis Lueckenotto

Sacagawea: Tess Noeller

Pioneer Mourners: Brittany Hamling, Abby Hilton, Clare Horst, Erin Horst, Kaitlin Karrick, Matt Meyer, Kordereau Sellers

Gold Seeker: Luke Shafer

Scene 8 Whistle Stop 1860

Abraham Lincoln: Zach Hyland/ Matt Meyer

Townspeople: Maria Covington, Taylor Hoffman, Laura Wilberg, Laura Van Steenhuyse, Cailey Summers, Tonia Mauer

Mother: Sara Walston

Timmy: Brian Fischer

Mary: Rachel Monson

Scene 9 Invention Convention 1700s-1900s

Lizzy Franklin: Tess Noeller

Ben Franklin: Jesse Bunge

Samuel Morse: Wesley Lyons

Alexander Graham Bell: *Dustin Martens

Watson: Kolton Sellers

Thomas Edison: Trevor Walker

Ruth Wakefield: Sara Walston

Scene 10 Spirit & Fire 1930 – 1970

Radio Voice: Kordereau Sellers

Men: Max Nguyen, Zach Hyland/Matt Meyer

Women Haley Luther, Sara Walston

Children: *Katie Akers, Emma Clingman, *Quinn Monahan, Luke Owens, *Matthew Upmeyer

Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Dustin Martens

Wholesome Sisters: Annie Horst, Clare Horst, Erin Horst

Johnny: Corey Cooling

Susie: Megan Horst

Girl on Skates: Annie Meyer

Hoola Hoopers: Katie Hanson, Ashton Vore

50s Dancers: Clare Cooling, Ellie Horst, Emma Horst, Maddie Springer, Gunner Tranel

Walter Cronkite: Clayton Ender

Neil Armstrong: Aric Hanson

Buzz Aldrin: Rob Hanson

Mike Collins: Andrew Schanbacher

Scene 11 Modern Day Miracles.Com 1970- 2000

Grandma: Kaitlin Karrick

Josh: Jackson Tranel

John: Matt Meyer

Scene 12 Freedom Rally Finale

Children: Katie Akers, Emma Clingman, Quinn Monahan, Luke Owens, Matthew Upmeyer

Vendor: Matt Meyer

Grandma: Kaitlin Karrick

Friends: Ben Hyland/Curtis Lueckenotto, Trevor Walker

Elizabeth Ross: Cailey Summers

Star Dancers: Cali Arbuckle, Allison Canaday, Elizabeth Fischer, Lilly Gibson, Lily Horst, Emily Howes-VonStein, Bailey Lyons, Kylie Miracle, Kaia Monson, Sydney Monson, Anna Sagan, Kacie Struve, Courtney Summers

Moderator: Brittany Hamling

Army: Taylor Hoffman

Navy: Maria Covington

Marine: Brittney Werner

Air Force: Laura Wilberg

Policeman: Laura Van Steenhuyse

Doctor: Katie Akers

Firemen: Brian Fischer

Nurse: Abby Hilton

Teacher: Tonia Mauer

* ACT I debut

Staff / Crew

Directors: Marcy Horst, Mary Horst
Choreographer: Darci Fuelling
Rehearsal Assistants: Joan Cooling, Shirale Hanson, Sheila Monson
Set Design: Mary Horst
Set Construction: Allen and Bonnie Lueckenotto, David and Mary Horst
Set Assistants: Annie Horst, Ellie Horst, Megan Lueckenotto
Stage Crew: David Horst, Allen Lueckenotto, Alexander Martinze-Vasquez
Technical Director: Gerald Horst
Technical Assistants: Kevin Bookmeier, Chelsea Meyer
Grant Writer: Mary Horst
Costume Manager: Marcy Horst
Program: Mary Horst
Publicity: Mary Horst, Marcy Horst
Artwork: Robin Preiss Glasser (used with permission)
Posters: Cedar River Ink
Videographer: Casey Cooling
Photographer: Mary Horst
Volunteer Coordinator: Shriale Hanson
Property Donations: April Ahrenholz, Ron Baldwin, The Old Creamery Theatre, Cameron Clothing, Jon and Julie Clingman, Jessie Geater, Marcy Horst, Mary Horst, Jenny Janssen, Jackine Jessen, Lincoln School, Bonnie Lueckenotto, Patty Peterson, David and Becky Primus, Angela Sagan, St. John’s Catholilc Church, Laura Wilberg, Connie Zenk
Costume Assistants and Donations: Julie Canaday, Cameron Clothing, Fareway meat department, Eric Feller, Linda Fischer, Mary Jo Hanson, Shirale Hanson, Terry Jessen, Lois Martin, Patty Peterson, Kim and Chad Riffey, Brenda Schanbacher, Jeannie Springer, Theresa Strong, Ken Struve, Ray Van Steenhuyse
Orientation Directors: Shirale Hanson, Marcy Horst, Mary Horst, Sheila Monson, April Ahrenholz, Alexander Martinez-Vasquez, Laura Zamzow
Orientation Choreographer: Joan Cooling
Orientation Participants: Adam Ahrenholz, Annebeth Ahrenholz, George Ahrenholz, Ivy Huber, KIali Timmerman, Meghan Owens, P aige Timmerman, Rose Huber, Samuel Ahrenholz, Sean Noeller, Willow Huber
House Managers: Patti and Eric Upmeyer, Greg and Diane Walston
Intermission Coordinator: Bonnie Lueckenotto
Intermission Assistants: Carol Arbuckle, Betty Carlson, Della Covington, Beth Enter, Mary Hanson, Sandy Lyons, Lori Miracle, Cheri Meyer, Sheila Monson, Beth Owens, Kathy Tranel, Eric Upmeyer, Tracie Walker, Greg Walston
Box Office: Linda Radcliffe, Pat Lyons