Arsenic and Old Lace (2009)


by Joseph Kesselring
Presented May 8, 9,10, 15, 16, and 18
Vinton Palace Theatre
Director: Nancy Beckman

The entire action of the play takes place in the living room of the Brewster home in Brooklyn, New York


Abby Brewster: Bunny Fritch
Mrs. Harper: Sue Gates
Teddy Brewster: Jeff Seitz
Officer Brophy: Mark Hancock
Officer Klein: Pat Lyons
Martha Brewster: Jill g. Lockard-Bopp
Elaine Harper: Rachel Kramer
Mortimer Brewster: Anthony Bopp
Mr. Gibbs: Steve Arnold
Jonathan Brewster: Doug Martens
Dr. Einstein: Alex Vasquez
Officer O’Hara: Rick Maxwell
Lieutenant Rooney: David Gates
Mr. Witherspoon: Alan Neboal/Greg Walston

Staff / Crew

Director: Nancy Beckman
Technical Director: David Gates
Publicity: David Gates
Makeup Design: Jill g. Lockard-Bopp
Make-up Artist: Steve Arnold
Costume Construction: Jill g. Lockard-Bopp, ACT I Costume Shop, Center Stage, Actors’ Closets
Set Design: Nancy Beckman, David Gates
Set Construction: Keith Bonar, Cort Butterfield, Brock Gates, David Gates, Sue Gates, Greg Walston, Doug Martens, Rachel Kramer, Nancy Beckman
Lighting Design: Eric Upmeyer
Lights and Sound: Rick and Pam Primmer
Tickets/Reservations Marcy Horst
Programs: River City Graphic Solutions