Bridge to Terabithia (1994)


by Katherine Paterson and Stephanie Tolan
with Lyrics by Katherine Paterson and Stephanie Tolan
Music by Steve Liebman
based on the novel by Katherine Paterson, winner of the 1978 Newbery Medal
Presented April 15, 16, 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 1994
The Old Creamery Theatre Main Stage, Garrison
Director: Steve Arnold
Technical Director: Mary Dee Phillips
Choreographer: Joan Cooling

Sponsored by Farmers’ Savings Bank and Trust, the Louise Gilchrist Charitable Trust, and Farm Services, Inc. of Vinton

Bridge to Terabithia was originally produced by Stage One, The Louisville Children’s Theatre

Black and white photograph by Dan Adix, originally published in the Cedar Valley Daily Times


Jesse Oliver Aarons, Jr.: Burns Mossman
May Belle Aarons: Kimberly Hanneman
Mrs. Aarons: Patty Swift
Brenda Aarons: Danielle Richards
Ellie Aarons: Rachel Hegge
Leslie Burke: Megan Williams
Mr. Aarons: Orin Calhoun
Wanda Kay Moore: Megan Hanneman
Mary Lou Peoples: Melissa Hanneman
Myrna Hauser: Katie Klosterman
Sally Koch: Natalie Hegge
Janice Avery: Heidi Husnik
Wilma Dean: Tiernie Garbers
Bobby Sue Henshaw: Tessa Tuetken
Jimmy Mitchell: Shawn Usher
Bobby Greggs: Josh West
Gary Fulcher: Matt Husnik
Greg Williams: Kevin Bookmeier
Billy Morris: Forest Isbell
Mrs. Meyers: Shelly Usher
Miss Edmunds: Heather Shannon
Billy Jean Edwards: Stacy Williams
Prince Terrien: Buster
The Nymphs: Natalie Hegge, Tessa Tuetken, Stacy Willliams
The White Wolf: Shawn Usher
The Wizard: Kevin Bookmeier
The Old Woman: Katie Klosterman
The Black Knight: Matt Husnik
The White Knight: Forest Isbell
The White Squire: Josh West
The Soceress: Megan Hanneman
The Wicked Hag: Heidi Husnik
The Dragon: Tiernie Garbers, Melissa Hanneman

Staff / Crew

Assistant Director: Lee Tjelmeland
Stage Manager: Eric Upmeyer
Property Mistress: Patti Upmeyer
Music: Steve Arnold
Lighting and Sound: John Clark, Adam Frederick
Costume Mistres: Patty Swift
Costume Assistants: Deb Garbers, Terese Husnik, Kim Isbell, Kathy Mossman, Heather Shannon, Sarah Williams, Linda Wood
Costume Construction: Ida Higgins (fantasy costumes), Kim Isbell (dragon)
Makeup: Steve Arnold, Lee Tjelmeland
Publicity and Promotion: Steve Arnold, Elaine Hegge, Mary Dee Phillips
Buster’s Handlers: Linda Wood, Stacy Williams
Box Office: Linda Radcliffe
Stage Crew: Ron Baldwin, Barb Bookmeier, Kevin Bookmeier, Ray Bookmeier, Geneva Bridge, Bill Garbers, Deb Hanneman, Nancy Stroschein
Construction and Painting: Barb Bookmeier, Kevin Bookmeier, Ray Bookmeier, John Clark, Adam Frederick, Kim Isbell, Burns Mossman, Kathy Mossman, Keith Mossman, Mary Dee Phillips, Toby Potter, Eric Upmeyer, Patti Upmeyer, Megan Williams, Sarah Williams, Vicki Kriegel