Intermezzo 2 (2002)


A Classical Vocal Recital
January 19 at 7:00 PM, January 20 at 3:00 PM
The Ray House Museum
Coordinators: Gerald and Marcy Horst

Jon and Julie Clingman

Three years in a row qualifies this as a new ACT I tradition — a January classical recital! Settle into winter with some beautiful music presented in an elegant and intimate setting, served with refreshments.


Kari Douma, soprano
“Come and trip it” (Handel)

Erin Horst, soprano; Gerald Horst, tenor
“Sing with grace” (Handel)

Charlie Vogl, tenor (Saturday only)
“Vergin, tutto amor” (Durante)
“The ships of Arcady” (Head)

Ron Baldwin, reader
“My last duchess” (Browning)

Tess Noeller, pianist
“Circle Dance” (Beyer)
“Sunburst Waltz”

Aaron Murphy, bass
“Come raggio di sol” (Caldera)

Nicole Brown, soprano
“A Minor Bird” (Dougherty)

Michael Munckton, violinist (Saturday only)
“Concerto #2″ (Seitz)

Gregory Douma, baritone
“The Roadside Fire” (Williams)

Larry Adams-Bowers, bass
“Oh, what a beautiful morning” (Rodgers and Hammerstein)
“As if we never said good-bye” (Webber)


Gregory Douma, baritone
“Serenata gitana” (Sandoval)

Michael Munckton, violinist (Saturday only)
“La Cinquantaine” (Gabriel-Marie)

Erin Horst, soprano
“My little heart” (Weckerlin)

Kali Timmerman, pianist (Sunday only)
“Minuet and Trio” (Bach)

The Horst Family Players
Erin, Clare, Patrick, Megan, and Emma Horst
“The Orchestra” (Geisler)

Kate Westergard, pianist
“Sonatina in F Major” (Diabelli)

Ron Baldwin, reader
“The road not taken,”
“Stopping by woods on a snowy evening” (Frost)

Larry Adams-Bowers, bass
“Being alive” (Sondheim)

Kari Douma, soprano
“Ma rendi purcontendo” (Bellini)

Judy Mitschelen, April Noeller, Kari Douma. accompanists