Love, Sex, and the IRS (2006)


by Jane Milmore and William Van Zandt

The Palace Theatre
May 4 – 14, 2006

Mike Modrow, Director
Grace Weber, Assistant Director and Stage Manager
Ed Cardwell, Set Construction Supervisor
Kevin Bookmeier, Lighting Design

This production is sponsored by
Cedar River Ink, Tim and Emily Wilson

Maybe you can fool some of the people all of the time, but can you fool the IRS any of the time? In this play, two young male roommates are ready to try! Jon and Leslie share an apartment, and Jon decides that posing as a married couple on their tax returns will cut their tax bills. But can they pull off the con when the IRS comes to investigate? Can these budding criminals convince friends and neighbors to cooperate, and most importantly, can Leslie convince the man from the IRS that he is really Jon’s wife? We closed the Main Stage Series with this production at the Palace on May 4 – 14!


Kate: Kasey Tumilty
Leslie: Steve Anderson
Mr. Jansen: Mike Modrow
Jon: Cody Robison
Floyd Spinner: Ray Bookmeier
Vivian: Danielle Robison
Connie: Rose Huber
Reverand Lovejoy: Doug Martens

Staff / Crew

Set Construction Crew: Mike Modrow, Grace Weber, Bill Travis
Lights and Sound: Doug Martens and Grace Weber
House Manager: Penny Wombacher and Doug Martens
Property Coordinator: Penny Wombacher