Mother Goose Memoirs (2004)


by Mary Horst, with music by John Hayden
Presented June 25, 26, 27, 2004
Benton Community High School Auditorium, Van Horne
Director: Mary Horst

Orientation Directors:
Theresa Thompson
Kelynn Schulte
Ann Franzenburg
Lois Deerberg
Keri Brecht
Angie Hagen
Bonnie Lueckenotto

This production is sponsored by
Benton County State Bank
Coon Creek Telephone Company.
Thank you to these two businesses for their support of Second Stage and for being a part of ACT I’s twenty-fifth anniversary season celebration!

ACT I introduces Second Stage! Summer Theatre Camp in Van Horne!

Mother Goose Memoirs is a delightful tale explaining just how those beloved Mother Goose rhymes and verses came to be published. The musical, set in modern times, begins when a few enthusiastic children convince Mother Goose to publish her fanciful stories, pleading “Give Us a Rhyme, Mother Goose.” Mother Goose uses everyday life experiences as fodder for her collection of unusual rhymes. She needs little help marketing her ideas with well-meaning friends and local gossips spreading the word of her upcoming book in song, “Have You Heard the News?” In the end, the rhymes and verses take on a life of their own and everyone wants a copy of the book, signed by Mother Goose, of course!


Mother Goose: Rachel Maile
Children: Madison Knaack, Anna Hagen, Kelsey Struve, Whitney Schutterle, Ashley Mills, Hayley Frese
Old Woman in the Shoe: Annie Horst
Farmer in the Dell: Andy Schanbacher
Curly Locks: Kaelyn Knaack
Georgy Porgy: Colton Miller
Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary: Paige Namanny
Kookaburra: Meghan McDannald
Jack: Maxwell Tiedemann
Jill: Karly Hagen
Tweedledee: Lindsey Cook
Tweedledum: Ellie Horst
Queen of Hearts: Haley Hagen
Maid: Alex Stewart
Simple Simon: Alicia Gage
Knave of Hearts: Colton Miller
King of Hearts: Maxwell Tiedemann
Humpty Dumpty: Meghan McDannald
King’s Horses: Jenna Struve, Karly Hagen, Whitney Schutterle, Madison Knaack
King’s Men: Ashley Mills, Anna Hagen, Ellie Horst, Lindsey Cook
Hairy Springer: Andrew Brittain
Crooked Man: Taylor Stoddard
Crooked Wife: Lindsay Struve
Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater: Andy Schanbacher
Patty, Peter’s Wife: Bridget Nulty
Jack Sprat: Nate Horst
Jean Sprat, Jack’s Wife: Paige Butz
Housewife: Haley Luther
Pat-a-Cake Baker: Alicia Gage
Baby Blackbirds: Taylor Gage, Holly Miller, Kaelyn Knaack, Cassidy Nulty
King of Hearts: Maxwell Tiedemann
Announcer: Andrew Brittain
Butcher: Hayley Frese
Baker: Kelsey Struve
Candlestick Maker Ashley Mills
Dame: Danielle Vollbrecht
Master Taylor Stoddard
White Sheep: Alex Stewart
Muffin Man: Andy Schanbacher
Little Boy Blue: Nate Horst
Bo Peep: Tanysha Truax
PussyCat: Bailey Moore
Three Little Kittens Holly Miller, Taylor Gage, Cassidy Nulty
Old Woman in the Shoe: Annie Horst
Reporter, Wee Willie Winkie: Amber Hagen
Cameraperson: Haley Luther
Tom Cat: Andrew Brittain
Bessy the Cow: MacKenzie Gage
Paparazzi: Bridget Nulty, Tanysha Truax, Bailey Moore, Jenna Struve, Paige Namanny
Dish: Morgan Butz
Spoon: Jennah Langton

Staff / Crew

Accompanists: Annie Horst, Nathan Horst
Set Design: Mary Horst
Set Pieces Created by: Dave and Mary Horst, Allen and Bonnie Lueckenotto, Tom Geistkemper, Ellie Horst, and Evan Lueckenotto