My Three Angels (1986)


by Sam and Bella Spewack
Presented April 17, 18, 19, 20, 1986
The Old Creamery Theatre, Garrison
Director: Richard Paulus
Technical Director: Steve Koch

Setting: The family Ducotel’s living room in back of a general store in Cayenne, French Guiana, December, 1910


Felix Ducotel: Don Martin
Emilie Ducotel: Brenda Witt
Marie Louise Ducotel: Jill Mahurian
Madame Parole: Jillian g. Lockard
Joseph: Orin Calhoun
Jules: Robert Fischer
Alfred: Brent Rolland
Henri Trochard: David Nolte
Paul: Anthony Bopp
Lieutenant: Tom Noonan

Staff / Crew

Assistant Director: Nancy Beckman
Assistant Tecnhical Director: Mary Phillips
Stage Manager: Mary Phillips
Sound: Dean Beckman
Lights: Steve Koch, Mary Phillips
Posters: Sally Ludden
Programs: Dorothy Bliss, Sally Ludden, Deb Fowler
House Manager: Linda Radcliffe
Publicity: Bob LaGrange, Faith Brown
Box Office: Nancy Beckman, Linda Radcliffe
Costumes: Jillian g. Lockard, Kathie Calhoun, Mary Prochaska
Properties: Mary Prochaska, Kathie Calhoun, Dorothy Bliss, Brenda Witt, Cheryl Clark, Nancy Beckman
Construction Crew: Jerry Bickel, Rich Farmer, Marsh Berry, Bob LaGrange, Jim Hilliard, Dean Beckman, Pete Popscholl