Same Time Next Year (1995)


by Bernard Slade
Presented September 22, 23, 24, 29, 30, October 1, 1995
The Old Creamery Theatre, Garrison
Director: Mary Dee Phillips
Co-Director: Nich Radcliffe
Technical Director: Mary Dee Phillips

Setting: A guest cottage at a country inn in California; February, 1951 through February, 1975


George: Dave Bruemmer
Doris: Stacy Bruemmer

Staff / Crew

Stage Manager: Mary Dee Phillips
Set Construction: Mary Dee Phillips, Nich Radcliffe, Matt Salger
Lights and Sound: Matt Salger
Stage Crew: Nich Radcliffe, Eric Upmeyer, Patti Upmeyer, Larry Adams-Bowers, Beverly Adams-Bowers
Pianist: Steve Arnold
Makeup: Stacy Bruemmer, Steve Arnold, Nich Radcliffe