The Adventures of Beatrix Potter (2004)


by Joseph Robinette
Music and Lyrics by Evelyn Swenssen
Presented July 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18, 2004
The Palace Theatre, Vinton
Directors: Marcy Horst, Shirale Hansen
Music Director: Sheila Monson
Choreographer: Joan Cooling
Pianists: April Ahrenholz, Clare Horst
Flautist: Sheila Monson

This production is sponsored by
Kevin and April Ahrenholz.
Thank you, Kevin and April, for your support of ACT I STAGE! and for being a part of ACT I’s twenty-fifth anniversary season celebration!

The amazing life of author Beatrix Potter, creator of Peter Rabbit, comes to our stage in this delightful children’s musical at the Palace! The play is narrated by Beatrix herself and her beloved governess and friend Annie Carter Moore, and includes delightful scene vignettes featuring some of her most popular books and characters.


Characters in order of appearance

Beatrix: Emma Clingman
Noel: Kenny Feller
Annie: Megan Horst
Mrs. Potter: Alyssa Hanson
Yvette: Marissa Eldred
Mr. Potter Dustin Martens
Edwin: Patrick Horst
Eric: Jacob Bunge
Marjorie: Kaia Monson
Freda: Sydney Monson
Norah: Abby Gloede
Scarecrow: Annie Meyer
Flopsy: Brinkley Gerber
Mopsy: Tess Noeller
Cottontail: Rachel Monson
Peter: Aric Hanson
Mother Rabbit: Brittney Werner
McGregor: Luke Shafer
Sparrow 1: Ivy Huber
Sparrow 2: Erin Randall
Benjamin Bunny: Ben Hyland
Mrs. McGregor: Jane Martin
Old Mr. Benjamin Bunny: Jackson Tranel
Tailor: Matt Walston
Simpkin: Rob Hanson
Lady in Waiting: Noelle Noe
Baby Ballerina Mice: Bristi Gerber, Faith Pladsen, Hannah Haisman, Katie Hancock, Lauren Tandy, Maci Griffith, Skyler Vore, Anna Sagan, Lily Horst, Allison Canaday
Duchess Jane Martin
Norman: Ben Stainbrook
Lucinda: Emma Horst
Jane: Maddie Springer
Tom Thumb: Max Griffith
Hunca Munca: Willow Huber
Policeman: Brian Fischer
Squirrel Nutkin: Will Hancock
Twinkleberry: Max Nguyen
Other Squirrels: Matthew Upmeyer, Jordan Yessak, Nick Hyland, Alec Feller,
Chandler Noe, Nolan Sagan
Old Brown: Kelsey Kremer
Jeremy Fisher: Chelsea Hessenius
Tortoise: Clare Cooling
Newton: Katie Boddicker
Jackie: Jacey Cummings
Jack Trout: Nicholas Stout
Jemima Puddle-duck: Danisha Pladsen
Rebeccah Puddle-duck: Jessica Olson
Drake Puddle-duck: Corey Cooling
Farmer’s Wife: Jane Martin
Fox: Justin Nelson
Kep: Gunner Tranel
Barney: Grant Sagan
Chutney Ben Akers
Mittens: Ashton Vore
Tom Kitten: Luke Owens
Moppit: Katie Hanson
Mrs. Tabitha Twitchit: Katie Akers
Kitten Friend 1: Jennifer Akers
Kitten Friend 2 Bailey Lyons
Kitten Friend 3 Elizabeth Fischer

Staff / Crew

Our orientation directors were Marcy Horst, Sheila Monson, Shirale Hanson, Theresa Werner, Alex Martinez-Vasquez, Joan Cooling, Mandy Peterson, and Erin Horst. Eric Upmeyer and Mandy Peterson facilitated The Life of Mime workshop, Shirale Hanson and Theresa Werner facilitated Award Winning Mr. Caldecott (Beatrix Potter was strongly influenced by the artwork of Caldecott), and Art Studio was facilitated by Carolyn Kettler. Sheila Monson and Joan Cooling directed our camp song, “Talk to the Animals,” from Dr. Dolittle. Orientation and Workshop week culminated on Friday, June 11 with an Open House. Campers received their parts in the main production and rehearsals began Monday, June 14.