The Cay (2008)


based on the novel by Theodore Taylor

The Palace Theatre
November 15 &16, 2008

Ken Dukes, Director

Phillip Enright is an 11-year old American boy living in Curacao in the 1940’s.: Although not a raging little racist, he has been raised to view black people as different and inferior, and never had a reason to question these beliefs.: He will soon be forced to do so.

Returning to America with his mother to escape World War II, the frigate he is sailing on is torpedoed by a German submarine and sinks.: Phillip is hit on the head by a beam and falls into the sea unconscious.: He is rescued by Timothy, an elderly Afro-Caribbean crewman who hauls him into a life raft along with Stew, the ship’s cat.: Phillip is initially afraid of the large black man and rather rude to him.: The pain in his head grows worse and after three days at sea he wakes up totally blind.

They make it to a small, uninhabited island called a cay.: Phillip gradually learns to respect and admire this uneducated yet kind and wise old man who teaches Phillip to survive and fend for himself on the island despite being blind.


Phillip Enright: Jack Green
Timothy: Doug Jackson

Voice Overs

Dennis Green, Debbie Green, Tony John, Chad Canfield

Staff / Crew

Production Assistant: Dennis Green
Set Construction: Dave Gates