The Foreigner (1996)


by Larry Shue
Presented May 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 1996
The Old Creamery Theatre, Garrison
Director: Larry Adams-Bowers
Technical Director: Mary Dee Phillips


Sgt. “Froggy” LeSeuer: Larry Adams-Bowers
Charlie Baker: Eric Upmeyer
Betty Meeks: Diana Cumberland Lamphier
Rev. David Marshall Lee: Steve Arnold
Catherin Sims: Le Cox
Owen Musser: Ray Bookmeier
Ellard Sims: Matt Salger
Townspeople: Jessica Coulter, Maggie Karr

Staff / Crew

Assistant Director / Stage Manager: Dean Beckman
Production Assistant: Lu Karr
Set Design: Mary Dee Phillips
Set Construction: Mary Dee Phillips, Dean Beckman, Nancy Beckman, Barbara Bookmeier, Kevin Bookmeier, Le Cox, Lu Karr, Matt Salger, Eric Upmeyer, Patty Upmeyer
Lighting Design: Mary Dee Phillips
Lighting Assistants: Stacey Bruemmer, Patti Upmeyer
Costume Assistants: Barbara Bookmeier, Cathi Calderwood, Lu Karr
Property Mistress: Nancy Beckman
Property Assistants: Cathi Calderwood, Wiliam Calderwood, Jessica Coulter, Maggie Karr, Lu Karr, Larry Salger
Sound Design: Dean Beckman
Stage Crew / Concessions: Messica Coulter, Maggie Karr
Poster Design: Mary Dee Phillips
Publicity: Lu Karr, Linda Radcliffe, Patti Upmeyer
Program: Faith Brown
Box Office: Linda Radcliffe