The Girls in 509 (1986)


by Howard Teichmann
Presented October 30, 31, November 1, 2, 1986
The Old Creamery Theatre, Garrison
Director: Richard Paulus

The play occurs in the sitting room of a suite, and in the hallway outside, of a not now fashionable hotel in New York City, with the action beginning on April 2, 1958.

Color photographs courtesy of Brenda Hackbarth


Mimsy: Jillian g. Lockard
Aunt Hettie: Becky Mossman
Old Jim: Anthony Bopp
Ryan, of the Daily News: Nancy Beckman
Pusey: Tom Noonan
Miss Freud: Dorothy Bliss
Wintrop Allen: David J. Nolte
Summers, of the Herald Tribune: Robert Fischer
Johnson, of the Journal American: Brenda Witt
Francis X. Nella: David J. Nolte
Aubrey McKittridge: Ron Baldwin

Staff / Crew

Assistant Director: Brenda Witt
Stage Manager: Jim Hilliard
Set Design and Construction Supervisor: Nancy Beckman
Costume and Makeup Designer: Jillian g. Lockard
Assistants to the Costume Designer: Ellyn Paulus, Kathie Calhoun
Sound Designer: Dean Beckman
Lighting Designer: Orin Calhoun
Special Effects: Steve Koch
Props: Lois Banse, Nancy Carson, Linda Radcliffe, Cheryl Clark
Stage Crew: Jill Mahurian, Mary Prochaska, Dan Kramer, Grant Jensen, Bob LaGrange
Program: Nancy Beckman, Anthony Bopp, Brenda Witt
Publicity: Bob LaGrange, Robert Fischer, Faith Brown
Set Crew: Steve Koch, Jerry Bickel, Orin Calhoun, Dean Beckman, Bob LaGrange, Kathie Calhoun, Rich Farmer, Tom Noonan, Dorothy Bliss, Robert Fischer, Brenda Witt, Jill Mahurian, Grant Jensen