The Good, The Bad, and The Ogre (2002)


The Palace Theatre
July 12, 13, 14, 19, 20, 21, 2002

7:00 PM Fridays and Saturdays
2:00 PM Sundays

A Triple Bill consisting of:

Ogre Here, Ogre There
by Jerry Kraft and Thomas Kenfield
Mary Horst, Director

Once Upon a Vine
by Judith Weinstein and Arnold Somers
with Music by Alissa Oppenheim Schreiner and Sunnie Miller
Jaimie Walker and Theresa Werner, Co-directors

The Truly Remarkable Puss-in-Boots
by Patricia Clapp
Marcy Horst, Director

April Noeller, Music Director
Joan Cooling, Choreographer

Sponsored by Lori Smith, Expressions!

Produced by ACT I STAGE!, this triple bill featured three very different children’s theatre plays in a single production opens our 2002 – 2003 season. The performances were the culmination of our ACT I STAGE! summer theatre camp, directed by Marcy Horst.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ogre, the theme for this year’s summer theatre camp, will feature three one act shows, each approximately one half hour in length, shown in one production.

Ogre Here, Ogre There, directed by Mary Horst, tells the story of young Prince Ty, who does not feel important. He sets out to prove his bravery by challenging the most feared Ogre in the kingdom, a broccoli-stomping bully named Bogart. What Ty discovers is that they have far more in common than either of them suspected, and that both can overcome their loneliness and anger in ways other than fighting. The play also gently addresses themes of prejudice and intolerance, while providing a framework for imaginative play. Ogre Here, Ogre There is a musical by Jerry Kraft and Charles Kenfield. The music varies from Broadway style rrazzmatazz, to a tango and a lullaby.

Once Upon a Vine, directed by Jaimie Walker and Theresa Werner, tells the classic tale of Jack and the Beanstalk, with a twist. Jacqueline is a girl! Jacqueline is a young girl growing up on a farm. The characters that Jaqueline meets in her adventures teach her about life, human frailties, strengths, values, priorities and finally, about herself as she experiences the fantasy world above the sky and the real world below. Once Upon a Vine, written by Judith Weinstein, and Arnold Somers, with music by Elissa Oppenheim Schreiner and Sunnie Miller, is a good, old-fashioned tale that ACT I audiences, young and old will love.

Director Marcy Horst brings us The Truly Remarkable Puss-in-Boots, based on the original fairy tale classic, and written by Patricia Clapp. This musical presents an arrogant, swaggering Puss who struts through a series of adventures in a ten-gallon hat and cowboy boots. At the start of the show, Puss’s original master has died, leaving him the sole possession of young Carl. Carl is baffled to learn his father’s cat not only talks, but also knows the King, the Princess, and an Ogre! The catchy tune, “Remarkable Cat,” written in the light-hearted style of Oscar winner Randy Newman, is sung by Puss at various times throughout the show. This song and three others were written for the show by singer/songwriter Tom Jessen of Iowa City. Tom, the younger brother of director Marcy Horst, agreed to write the music last Christmas, and will be coming to Vinton in July to accompany the show on his guitar, with niece Clare Horst on the keyboard. Tom is currently wrapping up the production of his second CD, Night.


Ogre Here, Ogre There

Prince Ty: Nate Horst
Hester the Jester: Rebecca Fisher
Narrator: Patrick Horst
Burton the Frog/Cab Driver: Corey Cooling
Sir Willie: Wesley Lyons
Princess Pam: Megan Horst
Queen Nancy: Rose Huber
King Bill: Jackson Trannel
Players: Jamie Becker, Sara Walston, Kate Martin, Laura Wilberg, Tonia Mauer, Laura Van Steenhuyse
Directobug North: Rob Hanson/Zach Hyland
Directobug South: Andy Schanbacher
Directobug East: Nick Cory
Directobug West: Jacob Cory
Bogart the Ogre Puppeteers: Rob Hanson/Zach Hyland, Nick Cory, Andy Schanbacher, Jacob Cory
Tick Puppeteer: Ivy Huber
Maple Tree: Miranda Bauer
Butterfly Dancers: Katie Hanson, Willow Huber

Once Upon a Vine

Jacqueline: Annie Horst
Narrator: Brittney Werner
Mother: Clare Horst
Peddler: Trevor Walker
Mrs. Ogre: Rachael Larkin
Hen: Felicia Hertle
Harp: Kali Timmermans
Bag of Gold: Clare Cooling
Ogre: Chelsea Hessenius
Human Beans: Maria Covington, Amanda Smith, Ashley Strong, Brittney Werner
Baby Beans: Kylie Miracle, Kaia Monson, Sydney Monson
Milky White: Kolton Sellers, Dakoda Sellers

The Truly Remarkable Puss-in-Boots

Betty: Ellen Franzenburg
Carl: Curtis Lueckenotto
Jane: Emma Clingman
Puss-in-Boots: Max Nguyen
Donkey and Puppeteers: Ben Hyland, Nick Hyland, Evan Lueckenotto, Luke Owens
The King: Adam Smith
Ella: Ellie Horst
Liza: Emma Horst
The Princess: Tess: Noeller
Peasant Woman: Mattison Walker
Peasant Man: Zach Fennern
Farmer’s Wife: Alyssa Hanson
Farmer: Brian Fischer
Villagers: Taylor Hoffman, Katie Larkin, Jane Martin,Rachael Monson, Calvin Franzenburg, Aric Hanson, Evan Lueckenotto, Nicholas Stout
Ogre: Billy Beyer

Staff / Crew

Ogre Here, Ogre There

Director: Mary Horst
Student Directors: Blake Hanson, Abby Hilton
Accompanists: Annie Horst, Michon Mulder

Once Upon a Vine

Directors: Jaimie Walker, Theresa Walker
Student Directors: Brittany Hamling, Abby Larkin
Accompanist: April Noeller

The Truly Remarkable Puss-in-Boots

Director: Marcy Horst
Student Directors: Kathy Brereton, Erin Horst
Accompanists: Clare Horst, Tom Jesse

ACT I STAGE! Summer Theatre Camp Production Staff

Technical Director: Gerald Horst
Choreographer: Joan Cooling
Set Design: Mary Horst
Stage Manager: Allen Lueckenotto
Properties Manager: April Noeller
House Managers: Greg and Diane Walston
Volunteer Coordinator: Shirale Hanson
Logo Design: Mary Horst
Program: Gerald and Marcy Horst
Publicity: Marcy Horst
Grant Writer: Mary Horst