The Music Man (2005)


Book, Music, and Lyrics by Meredith Willson
Based on a story by Meredith Willson and Franklin Lacey

The Palace Theatre
September 15 – 25, 2005

Steve Arnold, Director

This production is sponsored by
Farmers Savings Bank and Trust

It’s a seventy-six trombone extravaganza, one of the best loved musicals of all time, and it’s set right here in Iowa and was written by an Iowan! This is the story of Professor Harold Hill, a lovable con man who convinces the town of River City, Iowa in the summer of 1912 that they need a boys’ band. The only problem is, he can’t read a note of music! He fools the entire town into believing he is a musician – but after he pockets their money, he can’t quite tear himself away. A joyful, energetic, celebration of small town Iowa, a show about US!

Meredith Willson’s boyhood, growing up in Mason City, Iowa, provided much of the inspiration for The Music Man. In the early part of the 20th century, when Meredith was a child, many architectural treasurers were being built in Mason City, including both a hotel and a private residence designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. An associate of Frank Lloyd Wright also constructed a whole neighborhood of homes built in the Prairie School design, one of which is pictured above. The footbridge is located in this neighborhood.


Traveling Salesmen: Kevin Ahrenholz, Kevin Bookmeier, Mark Hancock, Mark Noe, Darran Sellers, Jason Yessak
Charlie Cowell: David Canaday
Train Conductor: Mike Modrow
Harold Hill: Anthony Bopp
Mayor Shinn: Brian Larkin
Olin Britt: Ray Bookmeier
Oliver Hix: Ed Dickerson
Ewart Dunlop: David Gates
Jacey Squires: Alan Nebola
Marcellus Washburn: Greg Walston
Tommy Djilas: Jesse Bunge
Marian Paroo: Sheila Monson
Mrs. Paroo: Linda Merritt
Amaryllis: Willow Huber
Winthrop Paroo: Ben Hyland
Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn: Jill g. Lockard Bopp
Zaneeta Shinn: Sarah Allyn
Gracie Shinn: Rachel Monson
Alma Hix: Bunny Feller
Maude Dunlop: Sue Gates
Mrs. Squires: Sherry Stout
Ethel Toffelmeier: Conni Huber
Constable Locke: Jeff Akers
River City Boys’ Band: Ben Akers, Corey Cooling, Will Hancock, Blake Havran, Ben Hyland, Wesley Lyons, Luke Owens, Ben Stainbrook, Nicholas Stout, Jackson Tranel
Wa Tan Ye Girls: Sarah Allyn, Camille Fank, Molly Ternus, Haley Jo Wambacher, Rachel Monson
Chorus / Townspeople: Kevin Ahrenholz, Katie Akers, Sarah Allyn, Kevin Bookmeier, Ray Bookmeier, Jesse Bunge, Allison Canaday, Emma Clingman, Ed Dickerson, Camille Fank, Bunny Feller, David Gates, Sue Gates, Rachel Gustafson, Katie Hancock, Mark Hancock, Will Hancock, Alyssa Hanson, Blake Havran, Connie Huber, Ivy Huber, Willow Huber, Gina Lahue, Brian Larkin, Wesley Lyons, Rachel Monson, Alan Nebola, Mark Noe, Tess Noeller, Luke Owens, Kimberly Shafar, Ben Stainbrook, Nicholas Stout, Sherry Stout, Molly Ternus, Jackson Tranel, Greg Walston, Suzie Westlund, Hayley Jo Wombacher, Jordan Yessak

Staff / Crew

Sue Freet, Assistant Director
Mike Modrow, Assistant Director and Stage Manager
Sheila Monson and Conni Huber, Music Directors
Joan Cooling, Choreographer
Judy Trygstad, Pit Band Director
Ed Cardwell, Technical Director
Ida Higgins, Costume Design
Mary Horst, Set Design
Kevin Bookmeier, Lighting Design
Julie Canaday, Rehearsal Accompanist


Pit Orchestra:

Director/Flute: Judy Trygstad
Piano: Lori Ferguson
Percussion: David Canaday
Bass: Derek Ferguson
Trombone: Rachael Larkin
Baritone: Jan Roth
Trumpet: John Fuoto, Mike Grimm
Oboe/Violin: Molly Ternus
Bari Sax: Aaron Pingenot
Flute: Kelly Monohan