The Princess Plays (2005)


by Colleen Neuman

The Palace Theatre
July 27 – 31

The Princess and the Princess
Marcy Horst and April Ahrenholz, Directors

Twice Upon a Time
Shirale Hanson and Sheila Monson, Directors

The Lost Half-Hour
Joan Cooling and Alice Means, Directors

Stage One Coordinator: Marcy Horst

This production is sponsored by Kevin and April Ahrenholz.
Thank you, Kevin and April, for your support of ACT I STAGE!


The Princess and the Princess

Setting: a narrow mountain path

The Lady Who Tells the Story: Megan Horst
Storytime Kids/Baby Frogs: Connor Bendull*, Alyssa Bunge*, Tanner Cummings*, Faith Pladsen, Rachel Tandy*
Twinkelberry: Danisha Pladsen
Popplepea: Tess Noeller
Royal Guards: Samuel Ahrenholz*, Caleb Bendull*, Sam Martin*, Matt Upmeyer
General Googe: Nicholas Stout
Soldiers: Adam Ahrenholz*, Ethan Horak*, Sean Noeller*, Riley Ries*, Jordan Yessak
Queen: Katie Akers
Ladies in Waiting: *Annebeth Ahrenholz, Hannah Haisman, Olivia Ketchen*, Emily Reisch*, Jarrica Speidel*, Lauren Tandy*
Stagehand: George Ahrenholz*
Royal Wise Person: Katie Boddicker
Jesters: Jacey Cummings, Natalie Ketchen

Twice Upon a Time

Setting: a witches’ cave

Storytellers: Sara Jorgensen*, Katie Hanson
Fermelda: Willow Huber
Slug: Kaia Monson
Grub: Rachel Monson
Cinderlla: Emma Horst
Sleeping Beauty: Maddie Springer
Snow White: Kali Timmerman
Allergic: Ben Akers
Sarcastic: Bethany Stainbrook*
Twitchy: Paige Timmerman
Depressed: Jennifer Akers*
Bored: Sydney Monson
Just Plain Mean: Hunter Vogt*
Exhausted: Elizabeth Fischer
Beauty: Annie Meyer
Princess and the Pea: Emma Clingman
Abra: Kyle Jorgensen*
Ca: Maci Griffith
Dabra: Edee Vogt*
Frog: Max Griffith

The Lost Half-Hour

Setting: The Royal Courtyard and all around the world

Father Time: Matt Walston
Widowed Mother: (7/27-7/28) Alyssa Hanson, (7/30-7/31) Brinkley Gerber
Mattie: Noelle Noe
Fernando: Aric Hanson
Bobo: Ben Hyland
Princess Patty: Kylie Miracle
Princess Court: Claire Andreesen*, Allie Canaday, Lexi Hicok, Alicia Saylor*
Tilda: Katie Hancock
Horse: Will Hancock
Strangers: Chandler Noe, Dustin Martens
King: Max Nguyen
King’s Court: Gunner Tranel, Grant Sagan, Nick Hyland, Connor Miracle*
One O’Clock: Abby Gloede
Two O’Clock: Kalianna Orcutt* (7/27), Maci Griffith (7/30 and 7/31)
Three O’Clock: Anna Sagan
Four O’Clock: Bristian Gerber (7/27, 7/30-31), Maci Griffith (7/28)
Nine O’Clock: Emily Howes-VonStein
Ten O’Clock: Brandis Gerber
Eleven O’Clock: Lily Horst
Old Woman: Erin Randall
Dragon: Dustin Martens

Staff / Crew

The Princess and the Princess

Directors: April Ahrenholz, Marcy Horst
Student Director: Sara Walston
Music Director: Erin Horst
Accompanist: Clare Horst

Twice Upon a Time

Directors: Shirale Hanson, Sheila Monson
Student Director: Brittney Werner
Accompanist: Clare Horst

The Lost Half-Hour

Directors: Joan Cooling, Alice Means
Choreographer: Joan Cooling
Student Director and Accompanist: Clare Horst

Behind the Scenes

Technical/Backstage Crew: Patrick Horst, Justin Nelson, Jackson Tranel, Gerald Horst

Set Crew: Gerald Horst, Corey Cooling, Tony Meyer, Kirk Monson, Chad Riffey

Property Donations: Robin Winterroth, Nancy Jorgensen, Cheri Meyer, Henkle Creek Mercantile, Becky Primus

Costume Design: Cameron’s, Julie Canaday, Shawn Gerber, Mary Hanson, Gloria Orcutt, Sue Reisch, Jeannie Springer, Teresa Strong, Steve Wallace, Brittney Werner

T-shirt, Program & Poster Design & Reproduction: Jim Mayhew

Grant Applications: Mary Horst

House Managers: Jennifer Hancock, Patti Upmeyer, Angela Sagan, Diane Walston

Intermission Coordinators: Tammy Hicok, Conni Huber, Julie Clingman, Laurie Hyland, Linda Fischer, Lisa Vogt, Lexa Speidel, Julie Pladsen

Backstage Help: Janay Bendull, Melissa Tandy, Tammi Griffith, Betty Carlson, Mary Hanson, Becky Stainbrook, Deb Cummings, Karen Randall, Emily Petersen, Susan Martens, Kathy Tranel, Deb Boddicker, Jan Andreesen, Shawn Gerber

Box Office Palace Theatre Staff

Photographer Jan Andreesen

Make-up & Hair Sue Travis

Orientation Directors April Ahrenholz, Joan Cooling, Blake Hansen, Abby Hilton, Clare Horst Erin Horst, Marcy Horst, Patrick Horst, Kaitlin Karrick, Matt Meyer, Sheila Monson, Jackson Tranel, Sara Walston, Brittney Werner

*ACT I debut performer