The Reluctant Dragon (2003)


Adapted by Steven C. Anderson
Music by Dana P. Rowe
Lyrics by John Dempsey

The Palace Theatre
February 21, 22, 23, 28, March 1, 2, 2003
Riverside Park Bandshell
August 15, 2003

Gerald and Marcy Horst, Directors
Laura Zamzow, Pianist

Sponsored by Cedar River Ink

Who could be more of an outcast than a fire breathing dragon? But this kindly beast has no taste for violence and bloodshed; he only want to live his life in peace and quiet. So what will he do when famed dragon slayer Saint George shows up, looking for a fresh battle? Find out in this stage version of Kenneth Graham’s delightful children’s story, a decidedly different look at the legend of Saint George and the Dragon!

In keeping with our 2002-2003 Cast of Outcasts, in this Main Stage musical a boy who “reads too much” encounters a dragon who is most “undragony.” The boy overcomes his prejudices about dragons when he discovers that this one would rather write poetry than fight and breathe fire. Their secret friendship flourishes until St. George, the famous dragon slayer, comes to town. The townspeople, seeing the opportunity for some excitement, tell St. George a variety of tall tales about the dragon’s dastardly deeds. Upon hearing their exaggerations St. George swears that he will slay the beast. However, the boy, the dragon, and the knight arrive at a delightful compromise. This musical adaptation, in the operetta style of Gilbert and Sullivan, is rich with harmony and musical whimsy. The dragon (played by four actors!) sings in four-part harmony!


Mort (Townsperson): Brian Larkin
Beaulah (Townsperson): Julie Canaday
Aggie (Townsperson): Sheila Monson
Fran (Townsperson): Marcy Horst
Boy: Rob Glass
St. George: Gerald Horst
Alistair (Spoken Voice of Dragon/Townsperson): Pat Lyons
Mayor (Dragon/Townsperson): David Canaday
Felicity (Dragon/Townsperson): Nancy Geiken
Naomi (Dragon/Townsperson): Lois Martin
Accompanist: Laura Zamzow