Twigs (1994)


by George Furth
Presented September 16, 17, 18, 24, 25, 26, 1994
The Old Creamery Theatre Brenton Stage, Garrison
Director: Steve Arnold
Technical Director: Mary Dee Phillips

The action of the play takes place in the kitchens of Emily, Celia, Dorothy, and Ma on the day before Thanksgiving, 1971.


Act One, Scene One — 9:00 AM

The Cast:
Emily: Heather Shannon
Frank: Eric Upmeyer

Act One, Scene Two — 1:00 PM

The Cast:
Celia: Cynthia Henson
Phil: Orin Calhoun
Swede: Darran Sellers

Act Two, Scene One — 6:00 PM

The Cast:
Dorothy: Nancy Beckman
Lou: Jim Hilliard
Ned: Marsh Berry
Delivery Boy: Kevin Bookmeier

Act Two, Scene Two — 9:00 PM

The Cast:
Pa: Edwon G. Yedlik
Ma: Geneva Bridge / Shelly Usher
Father Reilly: Casey Cooling

Staff / Crew

Assistant Director: Patti Upmeyer
Assistant Director: Danielle Richards
Assistant Technical Director: Burns Mossman
Stage Manager: Patty Swift
Assistant Stage Manager: Kevin Bookmeier
Lighting / Sound Coordinator: Dean Beckman
Lighting / Sound Assistant: Matt Husnik
Property Mistress: Shelly Usher
Property Assistant: Brendan Rule
Makeup: Steve Arnold, Burns Mossman, Danielle Richards
Set: Old Creamery Theatre Company
Additional Set Work:
Mary Dee Phillips, Burns Mossman, Kevin Bookmeier, Matt Husnik, Patty Swift, Eric Upmeyer, Patti Upmeyer