You Can’t Take It With You (1980)


Color photos courtesy of Lee Campbell and Becky Mossman


Penelope Sycamore: Becky Mossman
Essie Carmichael: Julie Zimmer
Rheba: Linda Radcliffe
Paul Sycamore: Marsh Berry
Mr. De Pinna: Bill Cosgrove
Ed Carmichael: Allen Page
Donald: Jim Gavalas
Martin Vanderhof: Dan Campbell
Alice Sycamore: Audrew Chowdhury
Wilma Henderson: Sally Ludden
Tony Kirby: Fred Banda
Boris Kolenkhov: Richard Paulus
Gay Wellingtron: Dorothy Anthony
Mr. Kirby: Ron Baldwin
Mrs. Kirby: Terrye Isbell
The Man: Ron Boyer
Mac: Pat Gill
Jim: Bill Buffington
Olga Katrina: Colleen Stufflebeam

Staff / Crew

Production Staff:
Stage Manager: Shelby Sellers
Business Manager: Lois Banse
Costues: Connie GIll
Properties: Theresa Juhl
Set Design: Howard Blanning and Nancy Geiken
Makeup: Carolyn Galvalas
Sound and Lights: Tracy Sellers
Cover Design: Marion Isbell

Property Crew:
Carolyn Gavalas, Nancy Baldwin, Lee Campbell, Marian Isbell, Sally Ludden, Jim Gavalas, Linda Radcliffe

Costume Crew:
Fay Buffington, Inze Ohlsen, Elaine Olsen

Julie Zimmer, Michelle Fischer, Susan Packingham, Sally Ludden