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 “Caught In The Net” On Stage Soon!

John Leonard Smith, age 43, a London cab driver, lives in Wimbledon with his wife Mary and their fifteen-year old daughter, Vicki.

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John Leonard Smith, age 43, a London cab driver, lives in Streatham with his wife Barbara and their sixteen –year old son, Gavin.

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Gavin Smith and Vicki Smith meet by chance online. There’s a spark of interest between them, and they think it’s a pretty amazing coincidence that their dads both have the same name.

They decide to get together in person, but then their “dads” find out. Let the mayhem begin!

ACT I of Benton County



A delightful comedic farce by Ray Cooney

Featuring Mitch Mensen, Bonnie Beyer, April Seitz, Rich Hainstock, Dave Neas, Casey Funk, and Katherine Seitz

March 9, 10, 11 at 7:00 PM

March 12 at 2:00 PM

All Performances at The Palace Theatre in Vinton.
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There’s a Monster in my Closet

Annoucing…Little Vikes Drama Camp 2017

Sponsored by ACT I of Benton County
April 2017

Please find the Camper Registration Packet below for our 2017 Little Vikes Drama Camp. Camp will open with Orientation and Workshops on June 5 & 6. At the end of camp on June 6, campers will be given their casting assignments for the main production, There’s a Monster in my Closet, and a short meeting will be held with the directors.

There’s a Monster in my Closet features a cast including Emily and her friends, her brother Tom and his friends, and many Dream World inhabitants including monsters,Sandman, the Dream King, Sprites, Fairies, and Dream Weavers. The VSHS Drama Department will be performing this show in April, giving Little Vikes Drama Campers the unique opportunity to see the show and then perform it. Several VSHS Drama students will assist in the direction and mentoring of Little Vikes Drama Company Cast.

Little Vikes Drama Camp format features an environment in which children can gain familiarity with live theatre, cultivate their imaginations, discover their own individual talents, acquire vital communication skills, and learn to work in cooperation with the other members of a cast and crew. Little Vikes Drama Company productions are warm, rewarding experiences that leave wonderful, lasting memories!

Mark your summer calendar and get your registration in now!

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