Annie (2003)


The Palace Theatre
September 11, 12, 13, 14, 18, 19, 20, 21, 2003

Joan Cooling, Director and Choreographer
Mike Williams, Music Director and Conductor
Ed Cardwell, Set Construction
Kevin Bookmeier, Lighting Design

Sponsored by
Farmers Savings Bank and TrustOn August 4, 1924, the comic strip Little Orphan Annie by Harold Gray debuted in the New York Daily News.: Harold Gran continued to write the strip for the next 44 years.: In 1977, Annie arrived on Broadway with her own show, which comes to Vinton this September in our own sparkling ACT I production!: With music by the same composer as two other past ACT I musicals (Bye Bye Birdie and Charlotte’s Web) this show promises to be a favorite for our patrons of all ages!


Molly: Willow Huber
Pepper: Melanie Williams
Duffy: Meghan Owens
July: Megan Horst
Tessie: Clare Cooling
Annie: Felicia Hertle
Kate: Danisha Pladsen
Orphan Chorus/Dancers: Emma Clingman, Marissa Eldred, Kelsey Franck*, Alyssa Hanson, Emma Horst, Ivy Huber, Kate Martin, Miranda Swallom*, Cailey Summers, Brittney Werner
Orphan understudies: Molly- Clare Cooling, Pepper and Duffy- Laura Studer, Kate and July- Kate Martin, Tessie- Meghan Owens
Miss Hannigan: Shelley Haisman*
Bundles McCloskey: Greg Walston
Apple Seller: Mark Noe*
Assistant Dog Catcher: Casey Cooling
Dog Catcher: Kevin Hertle*
Stray Dog: Copper Cooling*
Officer Ward: John Summers*
Second Police Officer: Kevin Hertle
Sandy: ”Maggie” Peterson*
Artie: John Walton*
Mary: Lois Martin
Fred: Bill Owens
Sophie: Halane Cummings
Peggy: Conni Huber*
Ira: John Fuoto*
Jane: Beth Owens*
Max: Kevin Bookmeier
Roxy: Camille Studer
Gloria: Laura Studer*
Second Cop: Kevin Hertle
Radio Announcer: Casey Cooling
Grace Farrell: Annette Williams
Drake: Eric Upmeyer
Mrs. Greer: Sherry Stout
Mrs. Pugh: Conni Huber
Cecille: Lois Martin
Annette: Beth Owens
Oliver Warbucks: David Canaday
Mansion and NYC Chorus: Kevin Bookmeier, John Fuoto, Conni Huber, Pat Lyons, Lois Martin, Beth Owens, Kimberly Shafar, Natalie Stout, Sherry Stout, Greg Walston
Star to Be: Lori Ferguson
Usherette: Kimberly Shafar*
N.Y.C Child: Bailey Lyons
N.Y.C Child Dancer: Brinkley Gerber
Rooster: Alexander Martinez-Vasquez
Lily St. Regis: Joan Cooling
Bert Healy: Greg Walston
McCracken and Wacky: John Walton
Jimmy Johnson: Brian Larkin
Sound Effects Crew: Rachael Larkin, Katie Larkin
Bonnie Boylan: Kimberly Shafar
Connie Boylan: Natalie Stout
Ronnie Boylan: Erin Horst
Harold Ickes: John Walton
Francis Perkins: Rhonda Westergard
Cordell Hull: Pat Lyons
Henry Morganthau: Frank Williams*
President Roosevelt: Alan Nebola
Louis Howe: Bill Owens
Justice Brandeis: Don Martin*

*denotes ACT I Acting Debut

Staff / Crew

Stage Director and Choreographer: Joan Cooling:
Musical Preparation: Mike and Annette Williams
Rehearsal Accompanist: Lori Ferguson
Casting Director: Mike Williams
Assistant Directors, Orphan Scenes: Kate Martin, Laura Studer
Set Construction: Ed Cardwell
Properties: April Ahrenholz, Jon and Julie Clingman, Abby Larkin
Lighting Design: Kevin Bookmeier
Sound/Lighting Crew: Gerald Horst, Michelle Sturtz, Abby Larkin
Costumes: Jeannie Springer, Teresa Strong, Cameron Clothing, Simons Clothing, and Cast
Make-up Design: Steve Arnold
Stage Manager: Abby Larkin
House Managers: Marcy Horst, Mary Horst, Shirale Hanson, Sarah Larkin
Publicity: Joan Cooling
Printing: Cedar River Ink
Box Office: Linda Radcliffe
“Maggie’s” Assistant and Trainer: Patty Peterson


The Orchestra

David Arnold: Drums
Lori Ferguson: Keyboard
John Fuoto: Trumpet
Barb Glime: Clarinet
Aaron Pingenot: Saxophone
Judy Trygstad: Synthesizer
Aaron Williams: Violin
Frank Williams: Flute
Mike Williams: Conductor