Blithe Spirit (2005)


by Sir Noel Coward
Revival presented May 6, 7, 8, 13, 14, 15, 2005
The Palace Theatre, Vinton
Director: Nancy Beckman

Originally presented March 27, 28, 29, 1981
The Old Creamery Theatre, Garrison
Director: Howard Blanning

This production is sponsored by
Cedar River Ink, Tim and Emily Wilson

Thank you for being a part of ACT I’s twenty-fifth anniversary season celebration!


Edith: Patti Upmeyer
Ruth: Diane Maxwell
Charles: Anthony Bopp
Dr. Bradman: Mike Modrow
Mrs. Bradman: Michelle Bookmeier
Madame Arcati: Jill g. Lockard Bopp
Elvira: Nancy Beckman

Staff / Crew

Director: Nancy Beckman
Assistant Director: Abby Larkin
Set Design and Construction Crew Chief: Kevin Bookmeier
Set Construction: Ray Bookmeier, Barb Bookmeier, Anita Yessak, Mike Modrow, Patti Upmeyer, Anthony Bopp, Jill g. Lockard Bopp
Costume Construction: Karen Devries, Ida Higgins, Jill g. Lockard Bopp
Lights and Sound: Anita Yessak
Sound Design: Dean Beckman, Mike Modrow
Makeup Design: Jill g. Lockard Bopp, Steve Arnold
Hair and Makeup: Bunny Feller
Stage Crew: Julie Canaday, Ray Bookmeier, Abby Larkin, Greg Walston
House Managers: Barb Bookmeier, Brenda Hackbarth
Tickets: Gerald and Marcy Horst
Box Office: Palace Theatre Staff
Poster Design: Cedar River Ink
Programs: Mary Horst