Blithe Spirit (1981)


by Sir Noel Coward
Presented March 27, 28, 29, 1981
The Old Creamery Theatre, Garrison
Director: Howard Blanning

The action takes place in Charles Condomine’s English summer home.

Color pictures courtesy of Marsh Berry


Edith: Dorothy Anthony
Ruth: Becky Mossman
Charles: Keith Mossman
Dr. Bradman: Marsh Berry
Mrs. Bradman: Ellyn Paulus
Madame Arcati: Colleen Stufflebeam
Elvira: Anna Bess Rice

Staff / Crew

The Production Staff

Assistant Director: Lois Banse
Properties: Linda Radcliffe
Costumes: Shirley Cromer, Doris Fraley, Penny Wirth
Makeup: Elaine Olsen, Sue Travis, Carolyn Gavalas
Publicity: Sally Ludden, Theresa Juhl, Faye Buffington
Lights: Dan Campbell, Steve Wieditz
Sound: Jill Roberts, Theresa Juhl, Walt Roth
Special Effects: John Anderson
Ceramics: Benton County Opportunities, Inc.
Special Music: Mary Ramig, Kathy RIpperdan
Cover Design: Marion Isbell
Set & Running Crew: Roger Wutzke, Steve Wieditz, Sue Travis, Mark Mahurin, Shelby Sellers