Charlotte’s Web (2000)


The Palace Theatre
July 8 – 16, 2000

Sponsored by Ketchen, Inc.

Written by Joseph Robinette
Music and Lyrics by Charles Strouse
Based on the novel by E. B. White

The Story

The Patriotic Kazoo Band introduces the show and plays during interludes and scene changes.

Dawn breaks over the Arable farm.

The Arable family — John, Martha, Fern, and Avery, discuss the pigs that were born the night before. One of the pigs was a runt that John Arable intends to do away with, but Fern persuades him to let her have it.

Fern names her pig Wilbur. Wilbur soon goes to live at the farm of Fern’s Aunt and Uncle, Homer and Edith Zuckerman. At the Zuckerman farm, Wilbur meets the geese, the sheep, and Templeton the rat.

Wilbur also makes friends with Charlotte the Spider. When Wilbur realizes he is being fattened for eating, Charlotte promises she will save his life.

When Avery wants to capture Charlotte, Fern wrestles with him to get his stick away from him. Avery falls on Wilbur’s trough and a rotten goose egg is broken.

After the words “Some Pig” appear in Charlotte’s Web, The Zuckermans and their hired man Lurvey ponder the situation.

After Charlotte writes the word “Terrific” in her web, she and the other animals talk about what word to put in next.

After the word “Radiant” appears in the web, the Zuckermans decide to take Wilbur to the county fair.

Intermission takes place at the county fair, and audience members come directly on stage to get free popcorn and lemonade!

Wibur is taken to the fair by the Zuckermans and the Arables.

Alone, Wilber rests in his pen at the fair.

Charlotte meets Uncle, a very large pig in the next pen.

Charlotte comforts Wilbur after they learn that Uncle has won the blue ribbon.

Mrs. Zuckerman gives Wilbur a buttermilk bath so he will look his best for the special award ceremony.

Wilbur faints as he is about to receive the special award.

Wilbur is distraught as he learns that Charlotte is not well enough to return to the farm. But he is able to persuade Templeton to retrieve Charlotte’s egg sac. As the show ends, Wilbur is greeted by Charlotte’s daughters, the tap dancing baby spiders!


Patriotic Kazoo Band: Jesse Baumhoefener, Andrea Hallberg, Riley Hanson, Jessica Hoffman, Katie Larkin, Jason Long, Jane Martin, Kate Martin, Brittany McCullough, Logan Merchant, Michael Muncton, Blaize Oldham, Taylor Pflughaupt, Heather Thomas, Mattie Walker
John Arable: Gerald Horst
Sadie the Waitress: Erin Horst
Lurvy: Darran Sellers
Fern Arable: Brei Isbell
Avery Arable: Kordereau Sellers
Baby Wilbur: Tess Noeller
Martha Arable: Mary Horst
Homer Zuckerman: Greg Walston*
Edith Zuckerman: Lois Martin*
Wilbur: Aaron Williams
Templeton: Audrey TranLam*
Sheep: Rachael Larkin
Lamb: Megan Horst
Lamb: Kali Timmerman
Goose: Sara Walston*
Goose: Becca Fisher
Gander: Andy Hanson
Baby Goslings: Brady Gerber, Curtis Lueckenotto, Aric Hanson, Max Nguyen
Charlotte: Sarah Allyn
Bat: Nathan Horst
Raccoon: Dakoda Sellers
Owl: Melanie Williams
Fancy Lady: Annette Williams
Cake Lady: Julie Pladsen*
Cake Lady: Rachelle Timmerman*
Farmer: John Frazier*
Barker/Announcer: Brian Larkin
Official: Dave Timmerman
Photographer: Sheldon Strimple*
Concessionaire: Lindsey Renken
Pork Queen: Abby Larkin
Fair Queen: Channing Merchant
Sack Racers: Alex Frazier*, Clare Horst
Speller: Annie Horst
Uncle: Alex Frazier*
Summer Girls: Maria Covington*, Alyssa Hanson*, Emily Huyck*, Morgan Merchant, Kensley Pottenbaum, Amanda Riffey, Kelby Robb, Jennica Speidel, Jessica Speidel, Courtney Steinford*
Baseball Boys: Corey Cooling, Isaac Isbell*, Robert Hanson, Patrick Horst
Avery’s Girls: Emily Hora Annie Horst, Clare Horst, Ellie Huyck, Laura VanSteenhuyse, Laura Wilberg
Baby Spiders: Emma Clingman*, Clare Cooling, Nicole Cox, Marissa Eldred, Brinkley Gerber, Katie Hanson*, Felicia Hertle*, Ellie Horst, Emma Horst, Dana Kerwin*, Natalie Ketchen*, Janae Long*, Tess Noeller, Jenna Oldham, Meghan Owens, Rylie Pflughaupt*, Danisha Pladsen


Staff / Crew

Music Director: April Noeller
Choreographer: Joan Cooling
Stage Managers: Mary Jo Hanson*, Ryan Calderwood
Property Mistress: April Noeller
Set Design: John Hanson*, Jennifer Heckman*
Student Directors: Ryan Calderwood, Erin Horst
Assistant Choreographer: Clare Horst
Guitarist: Alan Lueckenotto*
Costumes: Wendy Baumhoefener*, Joan Cooling, Therese Fisher*, Shawn Gerber*, Mary Hanson*, Shirale Hanson, Marcy Horst, Mary Horst, Lynn Huyck*, Kim Isbell*, Leslie Isbell*, Kathy Knutsen*, Diane LaGrange, Jane Seely, Jeannie Springer, Diane Walston*
Set Painting: Shirale Hanson, Jen Heckmann*, Lorie Hertle*, April Noeller, Jaime Walker*
Lighting:: Kevin Bookmeier, Carrie Frede, Austin Karr
House Managers:: Julie Long, Julie Zimmer
Box Office:: Linda Radcliffe
Volunteer Organizer:: Julie Long
Publicity and Programs:: Sarah Zimmerman and Cedar River Inc.
T-shirt Design and Printing: Expressions



Pianist: April Noeller