Dates With A Nut (2015)


ACT I’s production of Dates with a Nut is in the final production week and we asked the authors, Tom Johnson and Meg Merckens, their thoughts about ACT I doing the show.
How does it feel to have another group do your play?
One might think it would be like leaving your child with a babysitter that you do not know or trust. But considering the long relationship we have had with ACT I of Benton County, since its very beginning in the Old Creamery building in Garrison so many years ago, we are confident that our baby will be well treated and maybe even improved during the time it is in your hands. In fact we are grateful that your group is willing to take a chance. Who knows what the youngster will turn into with your careful guidance.
Thomas P. Johnson

Since writing and producing “Dates With A Nut” in 2006, Tom and I often wondered if we had written a script that could be universally performed by many theatre groups. There is no doubt that we wrote with specific actors in mind when we first produced it, but we hoped that it would translate to others. Over the course of the past nine years there have been four different actors who played William but only one actress who played Dori/Leonna/Melody/Olga/Orchid. We were thrilled when Steve first contacted us about producing “Dates.” How fun to know that someone else liked the play well enough to invest the hours and hours of work that it would take to put this wild comedy on stage. We already have enjoyed hearing that rehearsals have been fun with lots of laughter. We can’t wait to see what the audience reaction will be.
Meg Merckens
Dates with a Nut opens this Thursday Night, March 5th at 7pm. Other showings are Friday and Saturday night at 7pm and Sunday afternoon at 2pm. Call our local reservation line at 319 214 0096 and leave your reservation on the machine or as an option visit and choose and pay for your seats electronically.