Don’t Drink the Water (1983)


by Woody Allen
Presented March 18, 19, 25, 26, 1983
The Old Creamery Theatre, Garrison
Director: Tom Cunliffe
Technical Director: Jerry Bickel

Setting: An American Embassy somewhere behind the Iron Curtain

Color photographs courtesy of Brenda Hackbarth


Father Drobney: Marsh Berry
Ambassador Magee: Bob LaGrange
Ms. Kilroy: Nancy Beckman
Axel Magee: Steven A. Corlett
Marion Hollander: Sally Ludden
Walter Hollander: Orin Calhoun
Susan Hollander: Theresa Juhl
Krojack: David J. Nolte
Burns: Dan Campbell
The Chef: Linda Radcliffe
The Sultan of Bashir: Richard Paulus
The Sultan’s First Wife: Linda Westcott
The Sultan’s Second Wife: Elaine Olsen
Yanis Kasnar: Richard Farmer
Party Revelers: Dottie Anthony, Anna Bess Wiesender, Teresa Kueny, Mary Prochaska, John Frazier

Staff / Crew

Stage Manager: Anna Bess Wiesender
Lighting Designer: Rich Burk
Lights: Marc Greenlee
Costumes: Mary Prochaska
Sound Design: Grovert Smittle
Sound: Dean Beckman
Set Design: Beth Johns
Makeup: Mary Prochaska
Props: Theresa Kueny, Anne Fiedler
Publicity: Dottie Anthony
House Manager: Judy Mitschelen
Box Office: Lois Banse