Family Affair (2002)


June, 2001 Riverside Park Band Shell June 29 at 7:30 PM
as part of Vinton’s Party in the Park festival
Coordinators: Gerald and Marcy Horst

Jon and Julie Clingman

The Events Series concludes with a light-hearted concert for the whole family, celebrating Benton County families, and spotlighting a few members of our ever growing ACT I family!

Emcees: Kurt and Lu Karr



Saint Mary’s Unplugged

Marcy Horst, Gerald Horst, Theresa Strong, Greg Walston, Alan Woodhouse, Janet Woodhouse, Don Weideman, Cheri Meyer, Jeff Peterson, Jane Junge, Frank Van Sttenuyse, Kathy Van Steenhuyse
Peggy Weideman*

“Down to the River to Pray”
“Man of Constant Sorrow”
Don Weideman, Alan Woodhouse, Gerald Horst, soloists
Jeff Peterson, Greg Walston, Frank van Steenhuyse, trio chorus
“I’m Gonna Wash that Man Right Out of My Hair”
Unplugged Ladies and Gerald Horst
“Your Mamma Don’t Dance”

ACT I Little Girls (“The Duckies”)

Megan Horst, Emma Horst, Lily Horst, Gracie Horst, Ellie Horst, Tess Noeller, Brinkley Gerber, Bristian Gerber, Brandis Gerber, Kali Timmerman, Paige TImmerman, Felicia Hertle, Allie Hertle, Ashley Strong, Clare Cooling, Katie Hanson
April Noeller*

“Rubber Ducky” song and dance


Featuring members of the cast of The Good, the Bad, and the Ogre
April Noeller*

“All Star”


Stan and Nancy Geiken, Denny and Cathy Hummel, Dick Kerdus, Alan and Janet Woodhouse, Gerald and Marcy Horst, Pat Lyons, Lois Martin
Mary Ann Welchel*

“Two Songs”


Lori Ferguson, John Yundt, Mike Svoboda

“Two Songs”

Starshine Singers

Erin Horst, Megan Christy, Michon Mulder, Abby Hilton, Danielle Lindsey, Brittany Hamling, Matt Meyer, Blake Hanson, Ben Mealhow, Kordereau Sellers
April Noeller*

“Good Morning”

Full Company

“Beach Boys Medley”
“The Best Years of Our Life”