Flying Colors (2007)


Book by Claire and Monte Montgomery
With music and lyrics by Monte Montgomery

Mary Horst, Director

Benton Community Auditorium
June 29, 30, July 1

This production is sponsored by
Benton County State Bank
Coon Creek Telephone Company.
Thank you to these two businesses for their support of Second Stage and for jointly sponsoring Second Stage for the third time!

Produced by special arrangement with Baker’s Plays, Quincy, Massachusetts

Forty-five students took the stage at the Benton Community Auditorium on Friday, June 8 for an open house performance of Second Stage! Summer Theatre Camp. The campers performed a song and six humorous skits for parents and friends as the culmination of their orientation week activities. This is the third year for the theatre camp in Van Horne. Second Stage! is hosted by ACT I of Benton County and is coordinated by Mary Horst.

Second Stage! is sponsored by the Benton County State Bank in Blairstown. A donation from the bank provided t-shirts for all the participants and funding for their upcoming musical production, Flying Colors. Contributions were also made by Coon Creek Telephone Company of Blairstown, the Louise Gilchrist Charitable Trust, Kirkland Trust, and the Vinton Community Foundation.

Second Stage! theatre camp orientation week was based on a color theme. Camp groups included: Camo Crew, Silver Spoons, Green Giants, Redwings, Blue Man Group and the Kaleidoscopes. Students participated in workshops focused on vocal stage techniques, movement, pantomime, and music. Workshops were presented by Lois Deerberg, Ann Franzenburg, Mary Horst and Kelynn Schulte. Participants also enjoyed a variety of acting games with group leaders Annie Horst, Billy Hahn and Emma Miles, and helpers Jenny Nulty, Bridget Nulty, Ellen Franzenburg, Ryan Deerberg, MacKenzie Gage and Nate Horst.

Following the open house performance, campers were given casting assignments for the children’s musical, Flying Colors. Second Stage! theatre camp continues with rehearsals for Flying Colors, a full length musical to be performed June 29 and 30 at 7:00pm and July 1 at 2:00pm in the auditorium. Tickets are $7 for adults and $5 for students and seniors. Tickets may be purchased at the door.


In order of appearance

Priscilla: Jenna Wagemester
Sarah: Kaitlyn Wells
Sarah’s Dad: Karly Hagen
Sarah’s Mom: Alex Stewart
Hothead #1: Dezi Bridgewater
Hothead #2: Kalie Franzenburg
Vigilante #1: Cassidy Nulty
Vigilante #2: Taylor Gage
The Judge’s Wife: Lindsey Cook
The Judge: Jake Petersen
Blue Lawyer: Trevor Feauto
Blue News Anchor: Anna Hagen
Court Reporter: Patrick Gorkow
Molly: Anna Sebetka
Molly’s Mom: Miranda Hammes
Molly’s Dad: Hayley Frese
Valerie: Aspen Auld
Vanessa: Gracie Jurgens
The Mayor’s Wife: Ellie Horst
The Mayor: Tyler Feauto
Grandmother: Emily Sebetka
Green Lawyer: Maxwell Tiedemann
Green News Anchor: Morgan Johnson
Psychiatrist: Alicia Gage
Bailiff: Grant Franzenburg

Jury Members:
Ashley Brennan
Annika Radar
Bennett Gorkow
Stuart Tiedemann
Ocean Goers
Rachael Frese
Karly Miner
Colin Hurley

Party Guests/Townspeople:
Madison Knaack
Lindsey Cook
Whitney Shutterle
Melila Burgess
Paige Namanny
Macy Miner
Anna Stenberg
Molly Williams
Kaelyn Knaack

Staff / Crew

Director: Mary Horst
Assistant Director: Annie Horst
Set Construction: Dave and Mary Horst, Allen and Bonnie Lueckenotto
Paint Crew: Annie Horst, Ellie Horst, Nate Horst, Megan Lueckenotto
Lights and Sound: Ellen Franzenburg, Ellie Horst, Nate Horst
Costumes: Company
Stage Manager: Dave Horst
Set Crew: Pat Gorkow, Nate Horst
Properties: Company, Beth Kimm
Backstage Crowd Control: Kathy Gage, Angie Hagen, Colleen Hammes, Christy Hurley, Dawn Tiedmann, Tricia Schutterle
Intermission Coordinator: Bonnie Lueckenotto
Flying Colors Graphic: Bobbie Hendrix
T-Shirts: Tharp Design
Bio Board: Sandy Auld, Jana Harney
Programs: River City Graphics
Box Office: Kathy Gage, Melissa Jurgens, Amy Knaack, Debra Miner, Jim and Patti Stewart
Grants: Mary Horst
ACT I Gems Coordinator: Sue Freet

Camp Staff

Mary Horst—Camp Coordinator
Ann Franzenburg— RED LIGHT, GREEN LIGHT Pantomime & Movement
Lois Deerberg—YELLOW BELLIES NOT ALLOWED! Articulation & Dialogue
Kelynn Schulte—COLOR MY WORLD Music Basics
Annie Horst—Group Leader
Billy Hahn—Group Leader
Emma Miles—Group Leader
Bonnie Lueckenotto—Provider of Snacks
Nate Horst, MacKenzie Gage, Ellen Franzenburg, Ryan Deerberg, Jenny Nulty, Bridget Nulty—Helpers