Hansel and Gretel (2000)


A children’s version of the opera by Englebert Humperdinck,
Based on the tale by The Brothers Grimm
Produced by ACT I STAGE!
Presented March 18, 19, 25, 26 2000
The Palace Theatre, Vinton
Director, Music Director: Kathleen Berger
Assistant Director: Aaron Murphy
Pianist: April Noeller

The popular operatic treatment of this tale was first performed in 1893. This version highlights the best known melodies from the opera performed with spoken dialogue.


Hansel: Ryan Calderwood
Gretel: Megan Christy
The Father: Ray Bookmeier
The Mother: Cathi Calderwood
The Witch: Sarah Zimmerman
Sandman / Dew Fairy: Kayla Comer
The Sandman’s helper: Ashley Sojka
The Dew Fairy’s helper: Kelsey Johnstone

Principal Dancers

Joan Cooling
Deanna Ferguson
Emily Hora
Erin Horst
Clare Horst
Elizabeth Huyck
Abby Jakes
Lori Strong

Wings and Halos

Amanda Hora
Becky Karr
Dana Kerwin
Danisha Pladsen
Tess Noeller
Brinkley Gerber
Megan Horst
Savannah McChristian
Kali Timmerman
Clare Cooling
Emma Horst
Julie “Nicole” Cox


The Children’s Chorus

Robert Hanson
Becca Fisher
Chris Sojka
Annie Horst
Nathan Horst
Deanna Ferguson
Dustin Kearns
Chelsea Hessenius
Stephanie Svoboda
Marissa Eldred
Stephanie Ohrt
Kensley Pottebaum
Jason Long
Clare Horst
Megan Owens