How to Eat Like a Child (1996)


And Other Lessons in Not Being a Grownup

by Delia Ephron, John Forster and Judith Kahan
Music and Lyrics by John Forster
Based on the book by Delia Ephron
Presented August 15, 16, 17, 18, 1996
Tilford Middle School Auditorium, Vinton
Supervising Director: Steve Arnold
With individual scenes directed by: Kevin Bookmeier, Jessica Coulter, Maggie Karr, Nich Radcliffe, Matt Salger, Megan Williams
Technical Director: Matt Salger
Sponsored by John’s Quik Stop

ACT I’s very first show with no adult cast members (and only two adults in the production company), this musical was produced during a three week day camp, and was only 19 days from the first rehearsal to the final performance. Elementary and middle school students participated in the cast while high school students assisted in the directing and organizing of the production.

“How To Beg For A Dog”
“How To Practice The Violin”
“How To Torture Your Sister”


Angie Brand
Josh Brewer
Kyle Brewer
Ryan Calderwood
Josh Deutsch
Morgan Horning
Clare Horst
Erin Horst
Will Ketchen
Austin Lyons
Kassidy Lyons
Samantha Meier
Scott Meier
Lianne Rydell
Kordereau Sellers
Beckie Stravers
Chloe Stuff
Tanner Stuff
Allison Truax
Stacy Williams

Staff / Crew


Technical Supervisor: Mary Dee Phillips
Parent Co-ordinator: Chris Brewer
Stage Manager: Matt Salger
Lighting: Kevin Bookmeier
Music Transcription: Mary Dee Phillips, Adam Frederick, Matt Salger, Kevin Bookmeier, Larry Adams-Bowers
Box Office: Linda Radcliffe


Properties: Megan Williams, chair; Morgan Horning, Will Ketchen, Lianne Rydell, Beckie Stravers
Costumes: Maggie Karr, chair; Angie Brand, Josh Brewer, Kyle Brewer
Painting: Matt Salger and Kevin Bookmeier, co-chairs; Clare Horst, Scott Meier, Kordereau Sellers
Stage Crew: Matt Salger, chair; Ryan Calderwood, Erin Horst, Austin Lyons, Alison Truax
Makeup: Nich Radcliffe, Maggie Karr, co-chairs; Kassidy Lyons, Stacy Williams
Publicity: Nich Radcliffe, chair; Josh Deutsch
House: Jessica Coulter, chair; Chloe Stuff, Tanner Stuff