Monster Melody Spooktacular (2002)


The Ray House Museum
October 12 & 13, 2002

Mary Horst, Director

Spine-chilling Tales, Boo-tiful Music, and Ghastly Amusements…


Into the Woods
Vocal Solo by Mary Horst
Wolf in Grannie’s clothing played by Dave Horst
accompanied by Vivian Cronbaugh

What Was I Scared of?
reading by Alan Nebola
green pants portrayed by Evan Lueckenotto

In the Hall of the Mountain King
Halloween Sonatine
piano solo by Annie Horst

recitation by Ed Dickerson

The Scary Contest
skit performed by Emma Clingman, Gunner and Jackson Trannel, Alyssa Hanson, Patrick and Megan Horst, Ben Hyland, Wesley Lyons, Max Nguyen, Danisha Pladsen, Kali Timmerman, and Matt Walston

Martian Hop
tap dance by Ellie Horst, Emma Horst, and Tess Noeller
choreography by Joan Cooling

monologue by Greg Walston

An Interactive Halloween Cat Tale
audience participation by Mary Horst
assisted by Bonnie Lueckenotto

Spirits of the Dead
poetry reading by Ed Dickerson

We Are the Witches Three
incantation by Abby Hilton, Kaitlin Karrick, and Josie Rundlett
accompanied by Clare Horst

Monster Mash
lip sync by Annie, Clare, Nathan, and Patrick Horst
Evan and Curtis Lueckenotto

The Skeleton’s Hand
ghost story by Ed Dickerson

sadistic vocal performance by Gerald Horst
unfortunate dental patient played by Patrick Horst
accompanied by Clare Horst

The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything
shadow puppet play by Emma Miles, Annie, Nate, and Ellie Horst

The Music of the Night
vocal solo by Peggy Epping
accompanied by Vivian Cronbaugh