Play On (1990)


Our Tenth Anniversary Production!

by Rick Abbot
Presented April 19, 20, 21, 22, 1990
Tilford Middle School Auditorium, Vinton
Director: Steve Weiss
Assistant Director/Stage Manager: Brenda Witt

Setting: The stage of a community theatre

Guest director Steve Weiss is a regular performer with The Old Creamery Theatre (seen most recently in The Elephant Man in 2002) and also is seen regularly at Theatre Cedar Rapids. Steve is a native of the Bronx in New York City.

Color photographs courtesy of Brenda Hackbarth
Black and white photographs by Dan Adix, originally published in The Cedar Valley Daily Times


Aggie Manville: Faith Ann Brown
Geraldine” Gerry” Dunbar: Linda Radcliffe
Henry Benish: Jim Hilliard
Polly Benish: Geneva Bridge
Marla “Smitty” Smith: Sarah Nicholas
Saul Watson: Steve Koch
Billy Carewe: Eric Upmeyer
Violet Imbry: Shauna Sturtz
Louise Peary: Elizabeth Young
Phyllis Montague: Colleen Stufflebeam

Staff / Crew

Set Design: Steve Koch
Set Construction: John Wombacher, Steve Koch, Dick Bridge, Nancy Beckman, Jim Hilliard, Ron Baldwin, Eric Upmeyer, Brenda Witt, Linda Radcliffe, Shauna Sturtz
Props: Nancy Beckman, Linda Radcliffe, Brenda Witt, Elisabeth Young, Dick Paulus, Jill Roberts
Lights: Abby Koch, Eric Upmeyer, Steve Koch, Kathy Thole
Sound: Dean Beckman
Costumes / Makeup: Brenda Witt, Nancy Stroschein, Nancy Beckman
Publicity: Dorothy Albert, Ron Baldwin, Dick Paulus, Kathy Thole, Elisabeth Young, Geneva Bridge
Box Office: Linda Radcliffe, Nancy Stroschein, Dave Nolte
House Manager: Bob Fischer
Refreshments: Nancy Stroschein, Jim Hilliard
Curtains: Deb Wilson