Said the Spider to the Spy (1995)


by Fred Carmichal
Presented March 10, 11, 12, 1995 at Tara Hills Country Club
March 17, 18, 19, at Tilford Middle School
Director: Ed Yedlik
Technical Director: Mary Dee Phillips

Setting: A beach house on the east coast of Florida


Augusta Waycross: Patty Swift
Ida Gormley: Mary Phillips
Man: Nicholas Radcliffe
Detective Byron Peters: Darran Sellers
Ruth St. Martin: Sara Yedlik
Julia Sibley: Patti Upmeyer
Manfred Sibley: Dave Bruemmer
Adele Addison: Stacy Bruemmer
Dexter Addison: Orin Calhoun

Staff / Crew

Lights: Adam Frederick, Nate Jefferson
Set Construction: Mary Dee Phillips, cast