Sometimes A Rainbow (2014)


“Sometimes a Rainbow” is a totally delightful musical comedy centering on Cordy Shelburne, an abused elderly widow, with no purpose or hope, who discovers meaning of life and the joys of living while surviving on the streets of Washington, DC. By applying wise and sage advice of a bag lady named Dutchess she enriches her own life and that of others she meets along the way.


Nancy Beckman – Cordy
Bunny Fritch – Duchess
Rick Primmer – Mack
Sherry Stout – Danika
Cathi Calderwood – Queenie
Mike Kahler – David and Willie
Jeff Seitz – Twitch and Freddie
Pam Primmer – Beverly
Sue Travis – Agnes
Ray Bookmeier – Rev. Purdy
April Seitz – Foxy Roxy
Melody Spence – Antique Annie and Mad Mabel
Bill Travis – Doc John

Tourists – Keith, Rachel and Aubrea Bonar, Cindy Forsyth, Cathi Calderwood, Pam Primmer, Sue Travis, April Seitz, Jeff Seitz, Katherine Seitz, and Bill Travis

Staff / Crew

Mary Ann Whelchel, piano
Stephen Schmidt, miscellaneous sound effects
Sam Schmidt, miscellaneous sound effects

DIRECTORS : Dave and Sue Gates