That’s Entertainment! (1999)


A Variety Show
Presented January 8 and 9, 1999
Tilford Middle School Auditorium, Vinton
Director: Brenda Hackbarth
Mistress of Ceremonies: Brenda Hackbarth
Master of Ceremonies: Professor Simon Festen-Fagel

Before there was Henny Penny, before there was Bogart the Ogre, there was Professor Simon Festen-Fagel! ACT I’s first ever onstage puppet, co-hosting two variety shows with Brenda Hackbarth!


Song and Dance Routine – Brooke Swift and Friends: Tess Noeller, Brinkley Gerber, Danisha Pladsen, Ashley Strong, Clare Cooling, Madeline Springer, Annie Meyer, Jenna Oldham, Katie Boddicker, Elizabeth Moel
Civil War Presentation: Steve Meyer
Vocalist: Chris Andrews
Grandma Rose Story Time: Rhonda Westergard
Men’s Quartet: Dan Wiley, Pat Lyons, Dave Raines, Austin Karr
Audrey Stone (Vocal Duo): Ryan McMurray, Eric Brecht
Standup Comedy: Faith Ann Brown
Pianist: Shannon Jansen
Vocalists: Kim and Todd Frank
Pantomime: Maggie Karr
Tapping Moms: Jeanie Srpinger, Julie Pladsen, Deb Miller, Debbie Trumblee, Karen Jones, Cindy Forsyth, Joyce Rublack, Kim Kelly, Sue Meyer, Joan Cooling, Rebecca Thompson, Sean Gerber, Rebecca Fisher, Virginia Lindsey
Dancing Gents: Pat Lyons, Aaron Murphy, Dave Raines, Jake Fowler, Steve Meyer

Staff / Crew

Assistant Director: Kevin Bookmeier
Stage Manager: Nancy Beckman
Technical Advisor: Kevin Bookmeier
Stage Crew: Jay Appleby, Austin Karr
Lights: Julie Johnson, Sean Salger
Sound: Barb and Ray Bookmeier
Box Office: Linda Radcliffe
House Manager: Lu Karr