The Boardwalk Melody Hour Murders (1997)


by Tom Chiodo
Presented March 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 15, 1997
The Vinton Country Club
Director: Edwon Yedlik
Technical Director: Mary Dee Phillips


Queenie “Mad Woman” Malone: Mary Dee Phillips
Sammy “Pretty Boy” Bambino: Nich Radcliffe
Trixie Callahan Bambino: Halane Cummings
Guido Grimaldi: Ron Baldwin
Bunny “Babes” Beringer: Patty Swift
Sophie Davenport: Austin Karr
Miss Ruby Devine: Diana Cumberland Lamphier
“Baby Cakes” Rodriguez: Beverly Adams-Bowers
Paper Boy: Matt Salger

Staff / Crew

Stage Manager: Matt Salger
Costume Design: Halane Cummings
Lights: Dean Beckman
Sound: Dean Beckman, Kevin Bookmeier
Artwork: Mary Dee Phillips
Construction and Painting: Ron Baldwin, Kevin Bookmeier, Austin Karr, Theresa Meade, Alice Means, Mary Dee Philips, Nich Radcliffe, Matt Salger, Patty Swift, Edwon Yedlik