The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (1999)


adapted by Joseph Robinette
based on the second book of
“The Chronicles of Narnia”
by C. S. Lewis

Produced with permission of the Dramatic Publishing Company of Woodstock, Illinois

Our production of “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe,” ACT I’s forty-seventh production, closed after a successful four performance run seen by 345 patrons. We would like to thank those who supported us by attending the production. It was truly a memorable experience with a great piece of dramatic literature, and an excellent cast. A job well done for the cast for their young directors, Maggie Karr and Jessica Coulter, and a very successful start to our new program, ACT I STAGE!

“The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe,” presented March 12, 13, and 14 at Wesley United Methodist Church in Vinton, and “The Prince and the Pauper,” which ran May 8, and 9 at the church, were produced by our youth program, ACT I STAGE!. The hour long children’s theatre shows are intended for elementary audiences. The combined casts of the two shows include 47 students and four adults. Nearly half made their debuts with ACT I.
The Story

In 1940, four siblings, Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy, are sent by their parents to live with an old professor in the country to escape German bombing raids on London. There they discover a mysterious passage through an old wardrobe in an unused bedroom that leads them into a magical kingdom called Narnia. Narnia is ruled by the evil White Witch, who makes it always winter but never Christmas. The citizens of Narnia patiently await the return of Aslan the Lion, whom they trust will deliver them from the Witch. Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy are caught up at once in the adventure.

Lucy meets the faun Mr. Tumnus, whose job it is to kidnap human children and take them to the White Witch. Tumnus lets Lucy escape, and for that the White Witch turns him to stone.

Edmund encounters the Witch and her evil Dwarf after arriving in Narnia. Fearing a prophesy that four human children will come to Narnia and end her reign, the Witch resolves to destroy the children.

The Witch introduces herself to Edmund as the Queen of Narnia. He is taken in by her charms and betrays his brother and sisters, promising to bring Peter, Susan, and Lucy to her.

Mr. and Mrs. Beaver find the four children and take them home, but Edmund soon slips away.

Soon after, Father Christmas arrives with gifts. For Peter, he has a sword and shield. For Susan, there is a bow and a magic horn. For Lucy, he has a dagger and a magic cordial which can heal the dying.

Aslan the Lion returns to Narnia to find that Edmund has betrayed the others. They set off to find the lost boy

Aslan counsels Peter before battle.

Peter fights the evil wolf Fenris Ulf, captain of the Witch’s secret police. Mortally wounded by Peter, Fenris Ulf escapes.

Fenris Ulf warns the Witch that Aslan and his forces are on the move against her, then dies.

Angered by the death of Fenris Ulf, the Witch and the Dwarf prepare to kill Edmund.

They are overpowered by the forest animals, who save the boy’s life as the Witch escapes.

Edmund is reunited with the others, but the Witch sends the Dwarf with a message that she wishes to meet with Aslan.

The Witch demands Edmund’s life because he is a traitor. Aslan agrees to die by the Witch’s hand in Edmund’s place.

The Witch and her army torment Aslan before killing him. After the Lion dies the Witch proclaims that Narnia is hers forever.

As Edmund and Peter prepare for the final battle, Susan and Lucy are amazed to see that Aslan has been raised from the dead. They fly off to rescue those whom the witch has turned to stone, to join in the final battle.

The Witch and her army attack as Edmund and Peter lead Aslan’s forces against her.

Edmund destroys the Witch’s magic wand, but she mortally wounds him as he strikes.

Aslan arrives with reinforcements and the Witch is killed.

As Edmund lays dying, Lucy rushes to her brother’s side. She revives him with the magic cordial given her by Father Christmas.

Mr. Tumnus, who is among those turned to stone by the Witch whom Aslan rescued, arrives with the four crowns from Cair Paraval

With the battle over, Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy are crowned by Aslan as the Kings and Queens of Narnia. But as the play ends, they return through the wardrobe back to the world they had left, finding that not one minute had passed.


Aslan: Peter Shawinsky*
White Witch: Morgan Horning
Peter: Josh Deutsch
Susan: Kate Westergard
Edmund: Matt Meyer
Lucy: Haley Ridenhour-McHenry*
Mr. Beaver: Ryan Calderwood
Mrs. Beaver: Amy Cook*
Unicorn: Kaitlin Karrick*
Centaur: Stacy Williams
Mr. Tumnus: Aaron Murphy
Fenris Ulf: Greg Tucker
Dwarf: Jason Long*
Father Christmas: Steve Arnold
Elf: Andy Hanson*
The White Stag: John Westergard
Forest Animals and Witch’s Army: Clare Horst, Megan Horst*, Patrick Horst*, Robert Hanson*, Tess Noeller

asterisk (*) denotes ACT I debut

The cast includes 19 students between the ages of 5 and 17, and two adults. For the newcomers to theatre, makeup proved a totally new experience but even the most seasoned performers find the makeup needs for this show to be uniquely daunting.

Staff / Crew

Co-Directors: Maggie Karr, Jessica Coulter
Technical Director: Austin Karr
Lighting Designer, Fight Coordinator: Mark Pingenot
Costume and Makeup Coordinator: Steve Arnold
Scenic Design: Sarah Zimmerman
Production Mento: Steve Arnold

ACT I has performed in a wide variety of location during its nearly 20 year history. This season, ACT I shows have been performed at the Riverside Park bandshell, Tilford Middle School auditorium, and at a local coffee shop, the 4th Street Coffee Company. In other years ACT I has performed at the IBSSS auditorium, the Vinton Country Club, Tara Hills Country Club, the Ray House Museum, and the two stages of the Old Creamery Theatre in Garrison. As our new, permanent artistic home, the Palace Theatre, is not yet ready for performances, the directors of “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” selected a new location for us that would offer the same intimacy that we will enjoy at the Palace. For performing in the fellowship hall of the Wesley United Methodist Church, scenic designer Sarah Zimmerman and tech director Austin Karr augmented the tiny stage with additional platforms, and Sarah created a fanciful painted drop as background, then adorned the set with artificial trees. Chicken wire, cloth, and wheatpaste were used to create a rock effect, and the ceiling of the stage was draped with fabric to create a cloud effect.

Among the technical elements of this production that will be most prominent to audiences will be costumes and makeup. We believe this is the most complicated makeup show ACT I has ever produced. In creating animal characters, the directors and costume coordinator chose to use fur hoods and human clothing for animals, and to create facial features through makeup to keep actors’ faces open. This requires a great deal of preparation time for the cast before each performance and a large make up crew, experienced with designing the facial elements needed.

Sarah Zimmerman’s set made the most of the limited space. She cleverly created false walls to add back stage by matching the paint color and woodwork of the room on the flats.