The Miser (2010)


by Molière, translated by David Chambers

Presented at the Palace Theatre March 12-21, 2010

Steve Arnold, Director

The action of the play takes place in Paris during a single day at the home of Harpagon.

Photos courtesy of Mary Jo Hainstock


Valère: Garrett Spence
Élise: Rachel Kramer
Cléante: Trent McAtee
Harpagon: Rich Hainstock*
La Flèche: Tom Reed*
Master Simon: Alan Nebola
Frosine: Nancy Beckman
Master Jacques: Dave Gates
Marianne: Emma Clingman
Police Inspector: Melody Spence
Seigneur Anselme: Alan Nebola

*ACT I debut

Staff / Crew

Stage Manager: Allison Watkins
Set Design and Painting: Allan Merchant
Set Construction: Allan Merchant, Rich Hainstock
Property Mistress: Sue Gates
Lighting Design: Anthony Bopp
Lights and Sound: Anthony Bopp, Alan Nebola
Publicity: Doug Martens