The Mousetrap (1985)


by Agatha Christie
Presented October 24, 25, 26, 27, 1985
The Old Creamery Theatre, Garrison
Director: Cherryl Dyrland

Setting: The great hall at Monkwell Manor; January, 1948

Agatha Christie’s suspense thriller The Mousetrap has a very unique distinction within the world of theatre, a distinction it will likely never lose. The original production of the play opened in London in November, 1952. Now in its fiftieth year, that production is still running — making it the world’s longest continuously running production in the history of theatre. It changed theatres in 1974, (moving to the theatre where your webmaster saw it in 1978) and a new set was built in 1999, and the show continues to go on. The one production that could have had any chance of eventually toppling this record held by The Mousetrap, the Tom Schmidt musical The Fantasticks, went down in 2002 when its off-Broadway run ended after a mere 42 years.

Guest director Cherryl Dyland (Now Cherryl Thomason) appears frequently as an actress for the Old Creamery Theatre, Theatre Cedar Rapids, (where she recently appeared in the title role of Driving Miss Daisy) and The Classics at Brucemore.

Photographs courtesy of Brenda Hackbarth


Mollie Ralston: Nancy Beckman
Giles Ralston: Tom Noonan
Christopher Wren: Steven Corlett
Mrs. Boyle: Becky Mossman
Major Metcalf: Richard Paulus
Miss Casewell: Lois Young
Mr. Paravicini: Jim Hilliard
Detective Sergeant Trotter: Bruce Gardner
Radio Voice: Marc Greenlee

Staff / Crew

Assistant Directors: Jillian Lockard and Sally Ludden
Box Office: Dave Nolte and Deb Fowler
Props: Sally Ludden, Larry Andreesen, Nancy Beckman, Brenda Witt
Construction and Painting: Jerry Bickle, Marsh Berry, Steve Koch, Don Martin, Bruce Gardner, Larry Andreesen, Richard Farmer, Marc Greenlee
Costumes: Jillian Lockard, Jill Mahurin, Laurele Lyle
Publicity: Bob LaGrange, Dick Paulus, Jim Hilliard
Lights: Kelly Calhoun
Sound: Dean Beckman
Makeup: Jillian Lockard, Laurele Lyle, Jill Mahurin
Programs: Dorothy Bliss, Ruth Nash, Kathie Calhoun
House Manager: Dave Nolte