The Rainmaker (1987)


by N. Richard Nash
Presented April 2, 3, 4, 5, 1987
The Old Creamery Theatre, Garrison
Director: Jillian g. Lockard
Technical Director: Manfred Walda


H. C. Curry: Jim Hilliard
Noah Curry: Robert Fischer
Jim Curry: Brian Patrick Beresford
Lizzie Curry: Nancy Beckman
File: Anthony Bopp
Sheriff Thomas: Bob LaGrange
Starbuck: Brent Rolland

Staff / Crew

Assistant Director / Stage Manager: Faith Brown
Assistant Stage Manager: Tom Noonan
Scenic Designer: Nancy Beckman
Sound Designer: Dean Beckman
Sound Operator: Tom Noonan
Lighting Designer: Jillian g. Lockard
Light Board Operator: Steve Koch
Costume Designer: Jillian g. Lockard
Make up Designer: Narcy Carson
Makeup Assistant: Brenda McFarland
Costume Mistress: Kathy Calhoun
Scenic and Hand Properties: Brenda Witt
Publicity: Richard Paulus, Anthony Bopp, Dave Nolte
Program Designer: Anthony Bopp
House Manager: Richard Paulus
Box Office: Linda Radcliffe
Poster Design: Kelcey S. W. Stoehr
Set Construction: Tom Noonan, Brenda Witt, Dave Nolte, Richard Farmer, Steve Koch, Richard Paulus, Kent Fetty