The Red Shoes, Henny Penny & Stone Soup (2001)


Triple Bill!
Three very different one act plays make up a single production, the second half of our two show summer repertory children’s theatre offerings, including ACT I’s first ever puppet production!

July 21, 10:00 AM and 7:00 PM
July 27, 7:00 PM
July 28, 2:00 PM
July 29, 2:00 PM

The Palace Theatre, Vinton

Sponsored by Ketchen, Inc. and The Gilchrist Trust with additional funding provided by The Iowa Arts Council

The Red Shoes

written by Shirale Hanson, Marcy Horst, and Joan Cooling
Based on the story by Hans Christian Andersen
Director: Shirale Hanson
Choreographer: Joan Cooling

Henny Penny

written by Joy Chaitin and Sarah Stevens-Estabrook
music and lyrics by Joy Chaitin and Sarah Stevens-Estabrook
Director: Mary Horst

In keeping with our summer STAGE! theme, You’ve Got to See It to Believe It, we present the well-known folktale, Henny Penny. In this story, a nervous hen receives a mysterious bump on the head and proceeds to panic in fear that the sky is falling!

While this plot fits nicely into the “Seeing is Believing” theme, there is one major difference with this show…it will be performed entirely by puppets…actually by children, manipulating puppets. Henny Penny will be the first puppet production produced by ACT I, and we are excited about it.

We have designed our own unique set, complete with moving parts. We have made all our own puppets, using a variety of materials and techniques. We’re anxious to bring these inanimate creatures to life for our audiences.

Stone Soup

written by Gary Peterson
Music and Lyrics by Larry Nestor
Director: Shirale Hanson
Music Director: Kari Douma
Pianist: April Noeller


The Red Shoes

Inge: Brei Isbell
Gretel: Ellen Frazenburg
Hans: Andy Hanson
Nils: Nathan Horst
Kristine: Emily Finch
Frederick: Isaac Isbell
Kirsten: Meghan Owens
Thora: Caily Summers
Alice: Emma Clingman
Oluf: Kolton Sellers
Marta: Tess Noeller
Erik: Luke Owens
Old Soldier: Alexander Vasquez
Shoemaker: Jane Martin
Karen: Clare Horst
Footman: Dakoda Sellers
Princess: Sara Walston
Lady in Waiting: Elizabeth Huyck
Grandmother Nissen: Josie Rundlett
Fru Nielsen: Ariel Niebuhr
Fru Rodholm: Emily Hora
Fru Sorensen: Sarah Springer
The Drummer: Alex Frazier
Fairy 1: Megan Horst
Fairy 2: Amanda Smith

Dancing Fairies:

Jacey Cummings
Marissa Eldred
Felicia Hertle
Katie Hanson
Ellie Horst
Emma Horst
Moriah Isbell
Ashley Strong
Kacie Struve
Kali Timmerman

Henny Penny

Puppet characters and their Puppeteers, in order of appearance…

Sun/Cloud/Butterfly/Acorn: Kate Martin
Cocky Locky: Nate Horst
Queen Bee/Clouds: Marissa Eldred
Worker Bees/Ratty Fatty/Cloud: Ben Hyland
Nerdy Birdy: Clare Cooling
Groggy Froggy: Evan Lueckenotto
Henny Penny: Alyssa Hanson
Kitty Pity: Ellie Horst
Ducky Lucky: Rebecca Fisher
Loosey Goosey: Maria Covington
Turkey Lurky: Curtis Lueckenotto
Jiggy Piggy/King/King’s Squire: Corey Cooling
Sheepy Weepy: Brinkley Gerber
Mama Llama: Danisha Pladsen
Squirmy Wormy/Tree: Jamie Becker

Stone Soup

Henri: Trevor Walker
Marie: Emily Huyck
Yvette: Felicia Hertle
Charles: Adam Smith
Clothilde: Katie Larkin
Jean Paul: Carson Struve
Chardonelle: Mattison Walker
Pierre: Brian Fischer
Guy: Calvin Frazenburg


Andre: Aric Hanson
Gaspar: Patrick Horst
Francois: Max Nguyen
Jacques: Robert Hanson